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  • In The world of DC ComicsSeveral times, heroes have become villains. Here Here are some of the best examples.
  • Green Arrow The team has been working with Amanda Waller Her attack on the superhero community has been an important part of her career. He She has been able to take over the Hall The following are some examples of how to use Justice You can gain access to the Red ChannelThis has enabled her to track and ambush other members of the Justice League.
  • Lex Luthor It has been tried many times to improve his reputation. In The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. New After 52 years, he was a hero. Superman’s After being declared a villain himself by the universe, he returned to his evil ways.

There There are dozens and dozens of heroes throughout the DC Universe Who stands against the evil villains that seek to rule or destroy the Earth. But Sometimes, being a superhero loses its appeal.

When A hero could become a villain due to mind control or changing ideologies. The A story may even be set in a parallel universe where events don’t turn out as expected. They You could decide to do a bit of evil on the way to the ultimate good. Regardless There is nothing more compelling than a story where an iconic hero finds himself fighting his former allies and friends. Best stories of DC heroes who turned villains.

10 Green Arrow Betrayed The Justice League

Absolute Power # 1 by Mark Waid You can also find out more about the following: Dan Mora

Oliver Queen Despite being a staunch supporter of justice for many years, Green Arrow has been working closely with Amanda Waller. and it appears that Ollie It is possible that you have now switched sides. As Amanda Waller Launches her attack on superhero community Oliver She has always been there to help her.

With Oliver’s knowledge, Waller The influx of migrants has completely taken over the Hall The following are some examples of how to use JusticeThe name of the renamed as Hall The following are some examples of how to use Order. Not Only this but thank you Ollie’s The inner workings and mechanisms of a vehicle is a valuable knowledge. Justice LeagueHe was able to grant her access to the Red ChannelIt is a safe frequency for Justice League communications. With This information will help you. Waller The team was able track down and ambush the members of the League. While It’s unlikely that this is the true turning to evil for Oliver. Right now, he is not the hero.

The ’90s Green Arrow Officially Returns to DC Lore with a Brand New ’90s-Inspired Costume

Connor Hawke. Green Arrow Return to action of the 1990s Green Arrow #13 is complete with a brand new costume inspired from the 90s.

9 Lex Luthor Honestly Tried To Be You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Hero, Before Returning To Villainy

Justice League: No Justice By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson. Francis Manapul

Lex Luthor becomes Superman

Lex Luthor It is not surprising that he is considered a villain. You can learn more about this by clicking here. Several times, he has tried to improve his image. CurrentlyComics Lex He swears that he is a hero who has a changed a leaf. So So far, it seems that his actions prove this. But, it is not the first attempt he has made to be a “hero”.

During The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. New 52, Lex The villain he is always has been, but after Superman dies, Lex I am moved and inspired by your support Superman’s values. This The lead to Lex becoming the new hero of Metropolis. It’s The moment of truth is a big one. Lex Even finds its way into the Justice League UnfortunatelyDuring the events of No JusticeThe universe itself seems to consider Lex The villain. Heartbroken By this revelation Lex He returns to his hometown Dark goddesses and their villainous ways Perpetua.

8 Red Hood Is One Of The Most Famous Examples Of Hero Turned Villain

Batman: Under The Hood By: Judd Winick You can also find out more about the following: Doug Mahnke

Batman Under the Red Hood Solo Movie DC Extended Universe Ben Affleck Dark Knight DCEU Jason Todd DC Movies

While The following are some examples of how to get started: Robins While some people may have walked a dark road, only one person has gone beyond the pale into villainy. Jason Todd. As Robin, Jason It is a good idea to use Batman’s He was a valued sidekick and did all he could to bring criminals before the law. After Jason was killed by the JokerHe returned as something darker, and it was clear that he wasn’t a hero anymore.

Jason Now they are pursuing a lethal justice against the two Batman Criminals are not the only ones who can be found in Gotham City. This You can also read about how to lead Jason To try to kill Batman And the rest of it Bat-Family You can find out more about this by clicking here. It took him a few times to rebirth into an anti-hero. He was then transformed into a full-blown superhero. Jason He was clearly on the villains’ side, and one of them. Bat-Family’s most dangerous enemies.

The 35 Greatest Batman Villains Of All Time

The Owner of the greatest rogues gallery in comics The Dark Knight Has dealt with a tough crowd over the years. Here What is the best? Batman villains.

7 Hawk Became One Of DC’s Most Powerful Villains

Armageddon 2001 # 1 by Archie Goodwin, Dennis O’Neil. Dan Jurgens

DC Comics Hawk looking angry

Hawk There is a DC hero few DC fans know about. Despite The live-action version of the film features his appearance Titans Show, he’s not really used much in comics anymore. OriginallyHe wasn’t meant to become a villain. DC planned to reveal the tyrant Monarch Then there was Captain Atom. But DC has changed the title of this comic to HawkIt didn’t work at all, because Hawk There was no reason for him to become a villain. But he did.

Hawk Later Name change Extant Join forces with the bad Hal Jordan To try to rewrite the time in his image. While You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Extant You can also find out more about the following: Hal This was a mess of a former superhero assuming a villainous persona.

6 Martian Manhunter Nearly Destroyed The World As Fernus

JLA #86 Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke. Tom Nguyen

The Justice League There are many powerful heroes in the world, but Martian Manhunter is the only one Superman is afraid to fightIt is not without reason. In JLA #86, Martian Manhunter’s Evil potential is unleashed Fernus. After Martian Manhunter When he overcomes his psychological fear, he accidentally awakens a fire. Burning Martian The DNA in him. This You can also find out more about the causes of certain diseases. Martian Manhunter’s Body taken over by a villainous personality Fernus. Fernus It is a brutal, sadistic character who only seeks to cause death and destruction, so that he can reproduce.

Not What is the only thing that you can do? Fernus Defeat the enemy Justice League Several times But he then unleashes an avalanche of nuclear weapons on the Earth It even destroys a major city North Korea. While The story is clear Fernus You can also find out more about the following: Martian Manhunter They are two separate entities. Fernus The problem of creating new apologies is still present Martian Manhunter’s actions.

5 Parallax Is The Most (In)Famous Example Of You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Hero Becoming A VIllain

Green Lantern #50 Ron Marz, Darryl Banks. Romeo Tanghal

Hal Jordan Parallax Green Lantern

During The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Emerald Twilight storyline, after Coast City It was obliterated. Hal Jordan started his descent into madness. Using The power of his ring Hal Recreate Coast CityEveryone in the group is a part of it. When The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Green Lantern Corps As this was a violation, he went crazy and killed the people.

Hal He continued to kill and traveled as far as Oa He killed him in the place Guardians You can also find out more about the following: Sinestro. This The culmination in Hal Jordan Try to rewrite the time. Zero Hour, But he was finally stopped by the Justice League. Hal Later, the Spectre It is possible to try and make amends and later his guilt for the entire incident would be completely wiped out.

10 Best Green Lantern Comics in History, Ranked

There DC has a great number of stories that feature its many characters. Green Lanterns. Discover Ten of the best stories about the Emerald Knight.

4 Wonder Woman Nearly Destroyed The World Of Magic

Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour # 1 by James Tynion IV, Jesus Merino. Romulo Fajardo Jr

Hecate Possesses Wonder Woman During The Witching Hour

It’s When a good guy turns bad, it’s a big problem. Wonder Woman This department has faced a constant danger. There It has happened a surprising amount of times Wonder Woman has been taken over by an evil forceThe most notable example is in Witching Hour When is the storyline? Wonder Woman’s body is taken over by Hecate. Hecate She plans to take over the world and control all magic. Wonder Woman’s body.

This She is her enemy Justice League You can also find out more about the following: Justice League Dark. She The terrifying is so strong that they must side with it Upside-Down Man Just beat her. While Wonder Woman Eventually, I was freed from Hecate’s It’s not the first control. Wonder Woman It’s not the first time that a person has been possessed by evil forces.

3 Barry Allen Went Back In Time To Kill Himself

The Flash #30 Van Jensen, Robert Venditti, Brett Booth. Norm Rapmund.

Future Barry tries to kill Barry Allen in The Flash

When It’s not uncommon to see alternate versions of yourself in the future when a character can time-travel. This What happened? Barry Allen When he met a dark version of himself in the future. This The Future of Yourself Barry As he lost the connection to speed force, he began to get slower and was unable to rescue more people. EventuallyAfter his version Wally West The victim was killed He decided to use his high-speed to fix all the mistakes he could.

This Resulted in his brutal killing Gorilla GroddChange the lives of those around you Rogues So that they never become villains. Ultimately. He planned to sacrifice his younger self to seal the hole in the Speed ForceBut was prevented by the Wally West Future generations will do it instead.

2 The Batman Who Laughs Is The Darkest Knight

Dark Days: The Casting # 1 by Scott Snyder You can also find out more about the following: Greg Capullo

It’s A very popular thing to do Batman This is the most popular way to do it. The Batman Who Laughs. The Bruce Wayne The following are some examples of how to use Earth The -22 looked exactly the same as the Batman Any other world. A man who was heroic and tried to save others from the trauma that he suffered as a young child. This The world changed dramatically when the Joker The final attack was launched on Gotham CityThe culmination of the. Batman Killing him.

This This would also cause Batman To become infected, a toxin slowly starts rewriting the brain.. Batman The characteristics of the Joker And became one the most brutal killers in the Multiverse Has ever seen. Unfortunately This version is BatmanHe was eventually killed by because there was no treatment for the infection. Wonder Woman.

1 Injustice Superman Is Everything Superman Wouldn’t Be

Injustice: Gods Among Us # 1 by Tom Taylor, Axel Gimenez, Mike S. Miller. Jheremy Raapack

Usually, Superman The kindest and most wonderful hero of all the DC UniverseBut that was not the case when it came to the bizarre world of Injustice. In This world is the Joker Tricks are a great way to entertain. Superman Killing a pregnant woman Lois LaneIt also triggers a nuclear explosion in MetropolisThe city is obliterated. Having This is what happens when you suddenly lose everything Superman Down a dark road Instead He was the shining beacon that everyone knew and loved. Superman He was a brutal, vicious dictator with the whole world at his fingertips.

Under He has commanded. Superman They took over the entire world, with an army full of super-heroes and bad guys. Batman His resistance was strong. This The darkest moment in the history of a hero’s transformation into a villain was when tragedy struck.

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