The 1.20 update for Minecraft introduced one of the best new regions to generate with a seed – the Cherry Blossom biome. These lush, pink forests are beautiful landscapes offering unique wood types and several distinct mobs you wouldn’t find anywhere else in your world. These Cherry Groves are the perfect place to build a home or explore hidden structures.

When generating a world, you can use a seed with a specific number sequence to ensure a Cherry Blossom biome appears on your map. The best seeds for Minecraft‘s 1.20 update can be accessed by going to the ‘More Options‘ section when creating a new sandbox in Minecraft. From here, inputting the right seed could make a world with specific biomes, structures, or resources you might want.

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15 Small Cherry Forest

Seed No. -6384763643152943458

An icy mountain range protects a crater you spawn in for this Minecraft seed, filled with Cherry Blossom trees in a secluded valley. This small forest offers you a taste of the biome but also gives you plenty of resources to work with at the start. Several caves along the snow-capped peaks are great places to explore for more materials.

This seed gives you the perfect impression of the potential of a Cherry Grove forest, which could be a fantastic region to begin making a home. Those who establish an initial base in this area should have plenty of items to help them venture beyond the mountains into the wider Minecraft world.

Seeds used to generate worlds sometimes differ between the Bedrock and Java editions of the game, which may have slight variations that affect the player’s experience. For those looking for the best seeds discovered by
players in 2023, check out the above video by YouTube creator
Minecraft & Chill
that goes over some of the best worlds discovered for Bedrock Edition!

14 Cherry Blossom Island

Seed No. 6490327980339166064

Minecraft Cherry Blossom Island Seed.

This seed puts you on a Survival Island when you spawn, which limits your resources in a smaller area. This type of map appeals to anyone who wants their adventure to be more challenging. The best island seeds in Minecraft typically have many secrets in such a small land formation and often include rare structures for you to discover.

The Cherry Blossom in this world is found at the top of the island and serves as an excellent staging ground for a journey with a tougher path ahead as you face greater hardships. Building a base on top of the island lets you see hostile mobs before they approach and set up your defenses in Minecraft ahead of time.

13 Frozen Lake Of Cherries

Seed No. -6384763642895912697

Minecraft Frozen Lake of Cherries Seed.

This unique seed creates an environment almost perfectly divided in half between the Cherry Blossom biome and the Ice Spikes region. The sharp contrast between the warm pink and cold blue landscapes rests on cliffs surrounding a partially frozen lake below.

Many caves in Minecraft can be spotted along the walls of the circular cliff walls, which you can delve into for underground materials in Minecraft. These polar opposite biomes combine to form a truly gorgeous world that offers two perspectives you can explore in equal measure.

12 Cherry Blossom Mountain Crater

Seed No. -6384763642759109712

Like the Small Cherry Forest, this seed puts you within another crater rich with resources to gather for a strong starting base in Minecraft. However, according to YouTube creator Minecraft & Chill, the larger size of the Cherry Grove here could attract Bees in Minecraft.

Harvesting Honey and Honeycomb, produced by Bees, are excellent materials for farming and many crafting recipes.

11 Icy Blossom Gorge

Seed No. -6384763643079588144

Minecraft Icy Blossom Gorge Seed.

Cherry Blossoms seem to work well in the best snowy seeds in Minecraft 1.20, and this world further supports that theory. This seed puts you in a Cherry Blossom forest next to a massive ravine biome that you can plunge into for a wide variety of the game’s best resources. Coal, Iron, and even a few Diamonds can be found at the bottom of this gorge for those brave enough to travel below the trees.

The caves near the ravine’s base also contain rare structures, like Ancient CitiesandStrongholds. Finding a Stronghold puts you closer to reaching The End and killing the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. Having this structure so close to a base built in the Cherry Blossom region is extremely convenient for anyone trying to take on Minecraft‘s final boss as soon as possible.

10 Lake & Village Blossom Valley

Seed No. -6384763642861273108

Villages are always welcome in a Minecraft world; this seed and a beautiful Cherry Blossom nearby provide that. A large lake next to a small civilization forms a few rivers that scatter into the grassland meadows near a vast collection of Cherry trees.

The treasures and crops you find within the
Village in

will help you build a home quickly inside Cherry Grove without almost any challenge.

9 Meadow Of Love

See No. 4730575252807339304

Minecraft Meadow of Love Cherry Blossom Seed.

This seed creates a one-of-a-kind landscape in Minecraft that shows a massive heart-shaped valley surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Perhaps the most awe-inspiring instance of the new biome yet, this natural formation can be found at coordinates (-625, 110, -173). When you visit this spot, you can make a base within the heart or among the trees cradling the valley.

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8 Cherry Cliffs

Seed No. -7546871049307550237

Minecraft Cherry Cliffs Seed.

Another large lake hosts a larger Cherry Blossom biome in this seed, but this body of water has a few more secrets to uncover. When you spawn in this world, you’ll be able to see three different streams of lava in Minecraft, emerging from the cliff walls in a breathtaking display of molten danger. The icy mountains, cave systems, and pink forests are begging to be explored as you journey around the cliff’s perimeter.

7 Chain Of Cherry Blossoms

Seed No. 3368699220760197849

Minecraft Chain of Cherry Blossoms World Seed.

The largest Cherry Grove seen in the 1.20 update is from this seed, which stretches a pink forest around hundreds of blocks on top of a series of hills. Climbing up to a higher elevation in this seed will surround your character in a world of pink trees as far as the eye can see.

Here, a Village and other forests also dot the landscape. However, they pale compared to the sheer volume of Cherry Blossoms you can find.

6 Village At The Heart Of Cherries

Seed No. 4167799982467607063

Minecraft Village at the Heart of Cherry Blossoms Seed.

This seed spawns you into a thriving community built around a Cherry Blossom, which forms a near-perfect unity between man and nature. Stunning pink trees envelop home after home toward the horizon, with both giving you everything you need to start an adventure in Minecraft. The Villagers in this space are more than happy to trade with travelers visiting the region or those who decide to stay in this pristine town.

5 Cherry Blossom Village Lagoon

Seed No. 712262452098460

Two Villages in a Lagoon surrounded by Plains, Meadow and Cherry Grove Biomes in Minecraft.

Although slightly further from Spawn, you’ll find an enchanting sight: two villages floating in a vast lagoon, surrounded by a lush Meadow biome and Cherry Groves. Dive beneath the lagoon to discover a treasure trove of Diamonds in Minecraft on an Obsidian floor, indicating the site of volcanic activity.

Villages near your starting point are incredibly useful, offering quick access to resources as you begin your Minecraft adventure. A nearby Pillager Outpost on the hills adds an exciting challenge.

The lagoon’s scenic beauty makes it an ideal base location, with unique exploration opportunities nearby. Surrounding the lagoon, you’ll find a Mineshaft and a Spider Spawner for farming. Just outside the lagoon, another Plains village offers additional valuable trading opportunities, making it a perfect third village base.



Pillager Outpost

201, 117, -730

Cherry Lagoon Villages

-969, 87, 814


-1301, 63, 963

Plains Village

-1313, 66, 683

4 Valley Of The Cherry Grove

Seed No. 674539477434993133

Cherry Grove biome in Minecraft.

In this vibrant Minecraft seed, you spawn on the edge of a large hill in the Plains biome, adjacent to a colorful Savanna village. To the left, a valley with a river runs through a Cherry Grove and Meadow biome, offering three different wood types for versatile building from the start.

Nearby, a Pillager Outpost allows starting a Raid for trade discounts.

Just beyond the Savanna, you’ll find several other biomes within a few hundred blocks: a combined Birch and Oak biome and a Jungle biome with a small Bamboo section. Across the Plains, there’s a third village with a Ruined Portal, perfect for Nether travel.

The portal makes it easy to transport villagers to your base using Minecarts, giving you a head start on creating a farm for trading with
Villagers in




Savanna Village

3, 62, -210

Pillager Outpost

27, 78, 474

Plains Village

111, 83, 165

Ruined Portal Village

818, 65, 135

3 Cherry Man-grove Biome

Seed No. -1412583731547517931

Spawn point at Cherry Grove, with snow-capped mountains in the background in Minecraft.

This seed stands out for its diverse biomes, starting with a cheerful Cherry Blossom biome by a flower-filled riverside. Surrounding Spawn are snow-capped mountains and birch, oak, and spruce forests. A short journey away lies a Mangrove Swamp, perfect for gathering unique materials and resources.

The variety of biomes makes this seed a worthwhile adventure. Nearby, players can find a shipwreck with valuable loot on the ocean floor. Slightly further, a desert village in an enclave requires defense due to a nearby Pillager Outpost in the Savanna region.



Mangrove Swamp

1249, 148, 1562


-619, 55, 431

Desert Village

-1475, 82, -21

Pillager Outpost

-1308, 69, 1021

2 The Ancient Cherry City

Seed No. 21588

In this seed, you’ll spawn right in front of a Cherry Blossom biome, with another seen at a short distance nearby. This fantastic seed offers vast structures close to spawn, making your adventure more exciting. Beyond the Cherry biome, there’s an icy-stone mountain with a mysterious Ancient City directly below, just a few hundred blocks from spawn, perfect for valuable loot like Sculker blocks.

Surrounding the Cherry Grove, you’ll find a Shipwreck underwater containing loot. Nearby, a bustling Plains Village sits around the corner. Further away on a cliffside, a Ruined Portal is overlooking a lake. If you dig below the lakebed, you’ll discover a Mineshaft filled with mobs, valuable loot, and a Skeleton spawner, ideal for farming Bones and Bows. Adventurous players will enjoy exploring its depths.



Ancient City

421, -30, 0


154, 63, -144

Plains Village

-392, 75, 66

Ruined Portal

-309, 110, 171


-219, -15, 65

1 Mouth Of The Cherry Tree

Seed No. -5470157088065720067

Cherry Blossom Cave Entrance in Minecraft.

This Cherry Blossom biome seed in Minecraft is truly unique, featuring rare structures within structures. Just a few minutes away via sprint from spawn, you’ll find an intriguing cave entrance at (1593 132 953), resembling the mouth of a monster due to the surrounding Dripstone in Minecraft.

Enter here and work your way down, passing a Mineshaft and Skeleton spawner, until you reach an Ancient City at (1664 -33 945). Navigate carefully to avoid the Warden and discover a hidden Stronghold within the city at (1563 -41 1026), one of the game’s rarest structures.

Outside the Cherry Blossom biome, a charming Plains Village awaits in the distance at (1233 65 1195).

With a simple building plan, you can create a pathway to the Ancient City and Stronghold, making it easy to access The End portal in Minecraft from your base. The best seeds for Cherry Blossoms emphasize beauty but ensure you have the resources you need to survive in the open-world sandbox.

Source: Minecraft & Chill/YouTube, Minecraft & Chill/YouTube

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