Although 50 Cent has shared the stage with many a special guest on his Final Lap tour, one brave concertgoer quickly discovered that Fiddy isn’t a fan of uninvited ones.  

G-Unit founder, G-Unit and his tour made their way to Chicago on September 16, ready to perform. However, 50 Cent was met with an unexpected surprise guest as he paid homage to one of the city’s rap stars.  

As 50 and his crew rocked the stage to Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa,” a fan decided to join them. He jumped up on stage and ran straight to 50 Cent. The security team (and uncle Murda, of course) was ready to meet him.  

The stage invader was apprehended within feet from the Hip-Hop mogul by a large security guard. Soon, several other security officers joined him. As 50 Cent watched on, his feathers were unruffled. Watch the video below. 

The next day, in Detroit, 50 Cent had a surprise visitor. This time it was very much welcomed. Eminem joined his protégé to perform some of their bangers, including “Patiently Waiting” and “Crack A Bottle.” 

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50 Cent’s Touring Days Coming To An End

The Final Lap tour is set to a close in November, and it could be 50 Cent’s last time hitting the road.  

“I got a lot of spots I gotta hit before I be done, because this is the Final Lap Tour,” he said in May, adding, “I won’t be running around like this no more. I gotta do my film and television stuff and got a lot of other things going on behind the scenes that I gotta work on, so I won’t be out touring as much as I’ve been touring…I’m having fun this time because it’s set up to enjoy myself, we not feeling pressure.” 

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