50 Cent Is having a good laugh at Jim JonesThe expense is after the Dipset rapper got into a violent altercation Two men were spotted on an escalator at the airport over the weekend. 

Footage A picture that has been circulating on the internet shows an older man caught in the chaos as the men tumbled off the escalator. He Can be heard crying in pain, after a fall in the incident that left him sprawled on the airport flooring in distress. 

On Sunday (May 5), 50 Cent Taken Instagram With a video trolling Jim Jones. He Posting a clip showing a boxer aged 78 working his hands over a punchingbag. 

However, 50 Cent The joke was that the septuagenarian is the senior citizen who is unlucky in the escalator accident and is now looking for revenge.  

“Yo the old man from the airport said he gonna see you jimmy,” Fiddy Caption the post. “Stop thinking s### Sweet! LOL.” 

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Jim Jones He claimed that he was protecting himself after being assaulted first, while at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Footage Shown Below Jones The men threw punches at each other before throwing the man down the escalator.  

The Arrival of law enforcement separated the men from the brawl. Jim Jones He claimed he was outnumbered, and that he acted in self defense. “It’s two of them against me,” He said to passersby as the police arrived.  

Nonetheless. Sunday Evening Jim Jones It was business as usual. 

“And the show must go on,” He said that Instagram Promote his Sunday Evening event “F### all that other s###, pull up one me.” 

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