Though Ririha’s father, the king of Atland, has already set his thoughts on a full-blown battle towards the Valghian, Ririha herself continues to be satisfied that there have to be a option to keep away from such pointless bloodshed. In spite of everything, the primary cause behind this battle is the dwindling provide of unpolluted water that impacts not solely Atland and Valghian, but additionally each different one that lives on the Nice Snow Sea. That’s the reason Ririha works along with Kaina to be able to discover a option to resolve the water provide downside and convey true peace to the world.

There’s one other anime that talks about royalty, his dependable bodyguard, and a water provide downside. It’s referred to as Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. On this anime, Chagum is a prince that’s possessed by a water spirit. His father, the king, thinks that what’s inside his son is an evil spirit that may convey a few disaster to the entire kingdom, so he determined to assassinate his personal son.

What the king doesn’t know, nonetheless, is the truth that the water spirit that resides inside Chagum is definitely the one who can save the dominion from an upcoming horrible drought. So to be able to preserve the younger prince secure, his mom, the second Empress, employed Balsa, a feminine warrior who is understood all through the land for her unparalleled talent with quick spears.

The Empress asks Balsa to guard her son from the assassins and some other individuals who want to hurt him. So begins an exciting and otherworldly journey of a prince who carries in him the water spirit that may save the dominion, and his highly effective bodyguard who additionally bears a heavy burden on her coronary heart.

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