78/52 It is also called American documentary-drama film. The The film tells the story of the iconic shower scene in the films of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960’s psychological thriller-drama hit Psycho. The film is written and helmed by Alexandre O. Phillippe.

Here’s AMC and other streaming services offer 78/52. Plus.

Is What if you could watch 78/52 via streaming?

YesAMC streams 78/52. Plus.

Acclaimed docu-drama filmmaker Alexandre Breaks down every shot of the iconic 2-minute Shower Scene. He The actress’s facial expressions, camera technique, and cinematography are the main aspects to be considered. NonethelessIt was this single scene that changed everything. American horror genre forever.

The Film stars Marli Renfro, Alfred Hitchcock. Tere CarrubbaYou can also find a list of other.

Watch 78/52 streaming via AMC Plus

AMC offers 78/52. Plus.

AMC Plus It is a growing OTT streaming service that offers a wide range of movies, dramas, and documentaries-dramas for cinema lovers to choose from.

You AMC is a great way to watch movies. Plus By following these steps

  1. Go You can also find out more about the following: AMCPlus.com
  2. Create A username and password
  3. Choose Plan your strategy
    • $8.99 per month
    • Eighty-three dollars eighty-eight dollars per year

Users AMC is also available for subscription Plus Channel as a source Amazon Prime Video If they’re already subscribers to Amazon’s service.

The The official synopsis of the film is:

“The most famous murder scene in movie history comprises 78 camera settings and 52 cuts: the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. 78/52 tells the story of the man behind the curtain and his greatest obsession.”

NOTE: The The list of streaming services is subject to change. The Information provided is correct as of the date written.

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