Kayrage Tiger Playing Cards

In the corridors of power, Kayrage stirs, A whisper, a murmur, a hushed rustling of leaves. A voice long suppressed, now rising in fervor, Echoing through the streets, shaking the very foundations.

Like a dormant volcano, it awakens with a roar, Spewing forth a molten stream of pent-up rage and frustration. No longer will they suffer in silence, No longer will they be the forgotten ones.

What is Kayrage?

Korean rage: [Han] is often described as an internalized feeling of deep sorrow, resentment, grief, regret and anger.

The emotional roots run deep, Nurtured by the struggles of the past. A generation that has known oppression, Now seeks to claim their rightful place in the sun.

The rallying cry of “Asian American power“, Rings out with a defiant challenge to the status quo. For too long, they’ve been marginalized, But no more – they will be heard.

With a fierce determination, they march forward, Against the tides of discrimination and prejudice. They call for justice, for equality, For a world that recognizes their worth.

In the face of adversity, they stand tall, United in their quest for self-determination. They draw strength from their cultural heritage, And from the bonds of community that bind them.

The movement’s flame burns bright, Illuminating the path ahead. A beacon of hope for those who’ve been silenced, A promise of a better future, free from oppression.

And as the movement gathers momentum, The echoes of its message reverberate across the land. A powerful force, shaking the very foundations, Of a society that has long ignored their plight.

For the Asian American movement is not just a cause, It’s a call to action, a demand for change. A force that cannot be ignored, A movement that will not be silenced.