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The Meeting between the TalibanThe hotel is hosting up to 25 envoys as well as other stakeholders. United Nations (UN) Doha, QatarA global outcry has been sparked by the. Afghan Women have not been invited. This This is the third meeting of this kind, but the first that includes the TalibanWho aren’t international recognised as Afghanistan’s rulers. Rights Activists have criticised UN’s approach saying that it gives legitimacy to terrorist groups Taliban It betrays its commitment towards women’s rights. They Calling for gender apartheid To be recognized as a crime against humanity and to impose sanctions on the perpetrators.

What’s The purpose and importance of the third Doha meeting on Afghanistan?

The Third Doha The meeting was convened after a UN Security Council resolution It was necessary to conduct an independent evaluation in order to determine the current situation. AfghanistanThe aim is to facilitate Afghanistan’s Reintegration in the UN and international community. The Former expert is appointed as independent expert Turkish A diplomat conducted an extensive assessment. While It is acknowledged that Taliban’s It did not adequately address issues like the persecution of minorities, and the erosion in democratic processes, as well as human rights violations against women.

The UN considers these meetings to be part of the plan for a peaceable future Afghanistan Respects human rights and integrates the global community, especially for women and girls. But It is a contradiction to exclude women from critical discussions. By Accepting is a good idea Taliban’s By imposing conditions on participation, the UN undermines its commitment to promote inclusivity and equality for women.

Why What are the demands of the rights groups that criticised this meeting?

Rights For a variety of reasons, groups have been critical of the UN’s approach to this meeting. FirstThey have condemned the exclusion from main discussions of women. This The UN’s resolutions promoting women’s participation in the peace process and their commitment to gender mainstreaming were directly undermined by this exclusion. SecondThere was a serious lack of transparency regarding the agenda of the meetings and their proceedings, in particular the separate women’s session which followed the main discussions. This The opacity of the engagement fueled concerns about its effectiveness and sincerity.

Critics Say the meeting was dominated by economic issues and ignored important discussions about human rights and women’s rights. This There are concerns that indirectly the UN legitimises the terrorists. Taliban’s Harsh policies Rights The groups are calling for future meetings to include and be transparent. They also want women’s voice heard. They Want the UN to adhere to its rules, and not accept demands that violate human right.

What’s Situation of Afghan Women under the age of Taliban?

Since You can also find out more about the following: Taliban When women returned to power, their situation changed. Afghanistan The following is a list of the most popular ways to contact us deteriorated dramatically. Women They have been virtually removed from the public life and allowed to work in only very limited areas such as primary education and health.

Afghanistan The only country that forbids girls older than 11-12 years of age from attending school is China. Even Below this level, there is a severe restriction, such as the hijab being imposed on young girls, and a curriculum that focuses more on religious instruction. These restrictions threaten to radicalise the future generation.

Women Working in any capacity is subject to severe economic discrimination. Their The salaries of these workers are not sustainable, and it is impossible for them live independently. When The striking female nurses were protesting these unfair conditions. Ministry The following are some examples of how to use Public Health Refused to engage in dialogue

The Taliban’s Women are marginalised and oppressed by systematic discrimination in every aspect of their lives, including education, employment, and other aspects. There The gap between the objectives of the Doha A peaceful meeting is the goal of any meeting. Afghanistan Human rights for women and girls and harsh realities that they face Afghan women under Taliban rule.

What What should the international community be doing to support Afghan women?

To Support women’s rights AfghanistanThe international community must be firm in its opposition to the Taliban’s policies.

First. Taliban It is not acceptable to recognise a government as legitimate until it complies with the international standards of human rights. This includes those related to women’s right. SecondExisting sanctions against the Taliban They should be pressed to conform to human rights standards. ThirdThe international community must hold the Taliban Through legal mechanisms and advocacy, we hold criminals, including those who violate women’s rights, responsible for their crimes.

The Plight of Afghan Women’s rights is a global issue that impacts the peace and stability of the entire region. Ignoring The suffering of women will only perpetuate conflict, and undermine all efforts to achieve lasting peace and sustainable development. The The international community is morally obliged to protect Afghan Women’s rights, and to uphold the principles and values of justice and equality when engaging with any group. Taliban.

What Women should be included in future discussions on Afghanistan?

To It is vital that the participation of women is required at all stages of international dialogues to ensure their inclusion. Women The participants in all discussions must be included, because their absence undermines both the legitimacy and the effectiveness of the talks.

The The international community should reject all conditions imposed by the Taliban That violates human rights principles, in particular those that excludes women. Transparency The importance of the underlying structure is crucial. Agendas To ensure inclusion and accountability, the outcomes of meetings must be made public.

Civic Space in Afghanistan is rated ‘closed’ by the CIVICUS Monitor.

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