Singapore’s artificial intelligence (AI) landscape is experiencing a dynamic transformation, positioning the city-state as a leading global hub for AI innovation and application. With The sector is attracting substantial investment. Singapore AI has been a fertile field for both startups and established businesses, driving advances across various industries.

In Finance companies such as TSLC and Trusting Social They are leading the way in leveraging AI for digital banking and sophisticated credit scoring. The The healthcare sector has also seen a significant AI integration. Holmusk offers real-time analysis of echocardiograms to detect heart risk.

Retail The e-commerce industry is not left behind. Neso Brands ViSenze, a leader in visual search and augmented reality tools for enhancing customer experiences and driving sales. Companies The following are some examples of how to use Wiz FreightAI solutions for freight forwarding are revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industries.

Environmental sustainability and space technology are also seeing AI applications, as demonstrated by UMITRON’s AI-driven aquaculture solutions and Infinite Orbits’ autonomous satellite services.

These Investments from top-tier financiers such as institutional investors, venture capitalists, and government initiatives are essential to the development of innovative technologies.

Overall, Singapore’s thriving AI ecosystem is characterized by its diverse applications, robust investment landscape, and collaborative environment that fosters continuous innovation, solidifying the nation’s reputation as a powerhouse in the global AI arena.

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Here are the island nation’s top 30 funded AI innovators transforming industries (Special Thanks to Data Intelligence Platform Tracxn):


TSLC specializes on providing digital banking for individuals who are underserved. The A firm has developed a platform that uses AI, machine learning and credit to integrate a financial wellness platform.

The startup’s services include savings wallets and physical and virtual credit cards for online and offline purchases, bill payments, and money transfers.

Total Funding raised: US$225 Million
Investors: JPIN, Rothschild & Co,, Riverside, Victory Capital. QP Global Family
Annual revenue: Not available


An AI-based digital health solution and data analytics provider, it offers NeuroBlu, a platform that monitors the user’s data. Its The prediction engine suggests lifestyle changes to be made before the condition becomes worse. The Exclusive analytical tools use real-world information to identify disease progression. The EHR system is designed for capturing and monitoring decisions, and it is combined with previous mental health records.

Total The funding raised was US$109.3 millions
Investors: Veradigm, Heritas Capital Management, Health Catalyst Capital. dRx Capital, Northwell, Optum Ventures, German Entrepreneurship, RISE, Enspire CapitalMadDog VenturesJLABS
Annual Revenue: US$1.1 Million (as at March 31, 2018)

Neso Brands

Neso The company has created virtual trials based on AR for business. Its Platform offers virtual trial solutions allowing users to try out eyewear using their phone cameras and AI, AR, and eye tracking technologies.

Total Funding raised: US$100 Million
Investors: Alpha Wave Global, TemasekSoft, KKR & KKRBank Group
Annual revenue: Not available

Trusting Social

It It is a software for managing the lifecycle of a loan. It Digital onboarding with facial recognition and AI models for secure transactions, segmentation of consumers by multiple consumer loan products, and digital onboarding with secure transactions.

Total The funding raised is US$84,000,000
Investors: Masan Group,, The Sherpa Company, 500 Global, Beenext,
Peak XV Partners, Kima Ventures, 500 Fintech, Ascend Vietnam Ventures, Tanglin Venture Partners, Genesis Ventures,
Annual Revenue: US$23.6 millions (as of December 31, 2021)

Silent Eight

It This AI-based platform for fraud management allows users to scan data in a variety of formats, such as local and remote news articles. The The firm provides solutions for automatic alert adjudication and name screening as well as transaction screening and monitoring.

Total Funding raised: US$61,000,000
Investors: TYH VenturesHSBC OTB Ventures, Wavemaker PartnersSC Ventures, Aglaia, Crystal Horse Investments, Joyful Frog Digital InnovationOthers
Annual Revenue: US$2.9 Million (as at March 31, 2022)

CXA Group

Connexions Asia CXA is an AI-based marketplace that offers benefits for employers. It The app also allows users to find health and wellness services and products using AI. The Company offers solutions for quote generation, claims processing, payments and recommendations.

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Total The funding raised is US$58,000,000
Investors: Humanica, HSBC, Heritas Capital ManagementMDI Ventures, Sumitomo, Openspace Ventures, Singtel Innov8, B Capital Group, Singapore Economic Development BoardOthers
Annual Revenue: US$13 millions (as of December 31, 2018)


It AI-based speech and voice recognition software for multiple industries. Its Talkbot platform allows users the ability to record audio conversations with text translations, and interact with humans. WizAI is based on neural network technology, which allows for customer classification, segmentation, and identification. The Mobile security, data management and management of mobile devices are some of the features that this product offers.

Total The funding raised is US$58,000,000
Investors: Tiger Global Management, Yunqi Partners, Gaorong CapitalGL Ventures, K3 Ventures, Singtel InGGV Capital, Wavemaker Partners, Insignia Ventures Partners,
Hillhouse, Singtel, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play APAC
Annual Revenue: US$1.7million (as of December 31, 2021)

Wiz Freight

It AI-driven tech-driven freight-forwarding solutions provider. It Transport services include air, sea, and land transportation. It Features include live tracking, digital finance, full and partial container loads, door-todoor shipping, cargo and customs management, as well as collaborative shipping task management.

Total Funding raised: US$52,5 million
InvestorsSBI Investment, Tiger Global Management, Nippon Express, Axilor Ventures, Arali Ventures, Unikon Shipping Ventures, Foundamental, Trifecta Capital
Annual Revenue: US$157 millions (as of March 31, 2023)


It Is a market intelligence solution provider for offline retailers. Focus.AI’s new retail solutions aim to empower brick-and-mortar retail shops in Southeast Asia. Its Coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, traditional grocery shops, fashion stores and other shops are all popular with customers.

Total 50 million dollars raised as funding
Investor: eWTP Capital
Annual Revenue: US157 Million (as at December 31, 2021).


Rotimatic Fully automatic flatbread robots are developed. The The robot is equipped with AI and IoT features. It has a 32-bit processor that coordinates ten motors, 15 sensors and a host of other components. Users The machine can produce up to 20 loaves in a single batch. It The robot is said to mirror human judgment in adjusting the proportions of flour and liquid water in real-time.

Total 48 million dollars raised as funding
Investors: Credence Partners, EDBI, Openspace Ventures, Robert Bosch Venture CapitalSPRING SingaporeNUS Enterprise, Enterprise SingaporeABCOM Investments, Rikvin Ventures
Annual Revenue: US$21 millions (as of December 31, 2018)


It AI-based predictive analytics for e-commerce companies. The company’s proprietary AI engine connects data sources and generates recommendations across marketplaces, D2C websites, CRM, marketing, and the last mile. It Also provides insight into product categories and sizes, as well as stock availability, shipping and exchanges.

Total Funding raised: US$40 Million
Investors: Integra Partners, Yuj, A. J. CAPITAL, Kejora Capital, Orbit Capital Malaysia
Annual revenue: Not available


ViSenze is an AI-based tool that provides visual search and detection tools to e-tailers. It Uses deep-learning and computer vision techniques for image recognition, adaptive machine-learning, and dynamic context analysis. For It allows for product discovery and search on platforms online. ViSenze also recommends products based on shoppers’ product purchase behaviours and insights.

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Total The funding raised is $34.5 million
Investors: 31VENTURES, Impossible Ventures, Rakuten CapitalSPH VenturesWI Harper Group, UOB, Enspire CapitalICT Fund, Gobi Partners, Bright Pixel CapitalFengHe Group, Phillip Private Equity, Raffles Venture Partners, Walden InternationalUOB, SPRING Singapore, Tembusu Partners, Global Brain, Innoven CapitalNUS EnterpriseSEED Venture Capital
Annual Revenue: US$6.07 Million (as at December 31 2022)


It is a lending-as-a-service platform that leverages AI technology for credit risk scoring and decisioning with insights into borrower’s behaviour.

Total Funding raised: US$32.5 Million
Investors: Westpac, nCino, BMY Group, Octava
Annual Revenue: US$1.4million (as of September 30, 2022)


Taiger Robotic process automation is a solution that provides robotic automation. Primarily This company, which specializes in AI-engineered data access and extraction, serves the banking, insurance and government sectors. It provides solutions for automated onboarding, processing of SSIs, ISDA documentation review, claims processing, customer biodata reconciliation, NRICs & CPF statements, automatic metadata generation, and semantic search.

Total The funding raised was $31.3 million
InvestorsPacificBridge Asset ManagementMCM Partners, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play Tech CenterSGInnovate, ICT Fund, MS&AD Ventures, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play APAC
Annual Revenue: US$2.7 Million (as at December 31, 2021)


DocDoc, an AI-powered online platform, connects users with doctors. The platform uses HOPE, an AI-powered doctor discovery engine, to find doctors based on users’ medical needs. The The platform allows users to compare clinics, doctors and their services, as well as their location, clinical interest, subspecialties and procedures.

Total Funding raised: US$29.6 millions
Investors: Sumitomo Corporation, Adamas Finance Asia, CyberportSparkLabs Global Ventures, Vectr Ventures, Hong Leong Financial GroupKCP Capital, Jungle Ventures, 500 Global, Hong Leong, Apis PartnersRVP Group, Gaingels, Bells Ventures, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play APAC
Annual Revenue: US$838 as of December 31 2020)

Pixocial Technology

It The following are some of the ways to improve your own understanding. Generative AI solutions to help consumers, businesses and enterprises. The Platform offers AI-powered photo and video editing software.

Total 22 million dollars raised as funding
Investors: Eight Roads VenturesFutureX
Annual revenue: Not available


It This platform offers anti-money laundering services. Its Features include AML Transaction Monitoring, Customer Risk Scoring, Customer Screening, Regulatory Compliance, Case Management, and Customer Due Diligence. It Fintech companies and banks can also benefit from our financial crime detection and protection solutions.

Total The funding raised was US$20.4 millions
Investors: Illuminate Financial, Nomura, Viola Group, Jungle Ventures,
SIG Venture CapitalSEEDS Capital, Enterprise Singapore, Supply Chain Angels, T-Hub, The FinLab, Rebright Partners, Blume Ventures, India Internet Fund, CIIE, Innoven Capital
Annual Revenue: US5.1 million as of December 31 2022)


It Develops AI-based and IoT aquaculture solutions. The Company helps farms optimize their feeding practices. They can reduce costs and avoid waste, while preventing environmental damage. Its The technology stack includes solar powered IoT devices that are deployed on aquaculture farms to film fish and measure patterns of their behaviour by using computer vision. The Solution can detect when fish is hungry by using machine learning algorithms, and automatically release food for them. It Satellite imagery can also be used to provide information on the temperature of the ocean.

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Total The funding raised was US$20.4 millions
InvestorsENEOS Group. QB Capital, Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Shoko Chukin Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Mirai Creation Fund
Annual Revenue: US$2.4million (as of March 31, 2022)

SWAT Mobility

It AI-powered Mobility Solutions for Employee Transport Management. Its The routing technology determines the optimal fleet size. It plans employee transport using data gathered from various sources. And it designs custom solutions that are tailored to personal considerations, as well as on-demand bookings.

Total Funding raised: US$19.5 millions
Investors: Nippon Express, NEC, Chubu Electric PowerIMC Ventures, G. K. Goh Holdings, Goldbell, UTEC, Global Brain, ComfortDelGro EDBI IGlobe Partners, Smrt Ventures, National University The following are some examples of how to use Singapore, Ruvento Ventures, Momentum Ventures
Annual Revenue: US$251,000 as of December 31 2020)


It A platform that uses AI to manage assets for individuals. The Company offers algorithms for evaluating the risk of hedge and mutual funds The Users can create and share investment strategy on the platform. It The portfolio view provides a comprehensive overview of the portfolio, including historical performance, future projections of the portfolio based on CAGR, and historical performance. Sharpe ratio.

Total 19 million dollars raised as funding
Investors: Chiratae Ventures, Stride Ventures, Desai VenturesBackStroker
Annual Revenue: US$3.6million (as of December 31, 2021)

It AI is a powerful tool for detecting heart disease. The company’s flagship product, Echo CopilotThe software supports healthcare professionals by providing real-time, fully automated echo reports, disease detection and other information.

Total 19 million dollars raised as funding
InvestorsIHH Healthcare BerhadHEALTH Partners, Peak XV Partners, Pappas Capital, EDBI, Partech Partners, Sequoia CapitalSGInnovate, StartUp Health, Startup SG, A*STAR, Fabrice Grinda, EPRV, Startup CreasphereXNode
Annual revenue: US$388,540


It The platform is based on AI and apps, offering adaptive learning for students. The platform can identify a child’s weaknesses and generate targeted questions. It Users can increase their learning rate by practicing questions at their pace. AdditionallyThe site offers worksheets, recorded and live classes, and much more. Its The app is now available on Android iOS devices are available.

Total 18 million dollars raised as funding
Investors: Titan Capital, East Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Apricot Capital
Annual Revenue: US$15 Million (as at December 31, 2022)


It Offers a suite of AI-enabled software for banking and merchant banking. Its The solutions include merchant onboarding (including KYC), cross-channel bank, account opening and QR-based payments), as well. Its AI-powered loan underwriting tools and AI-driven targeted marketing campaigns are among the features.

Total Funding raised: US$13.7 Million
Investors: Arbor Ventures, Krungsri Finnovate, SumitomoSBI Investment, Eight Roads Ventures, Zhen Fund, NTUitive, The Venture Center, Central Capital Ventura, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play APAC
Annual Revenue: US$467,000 December 31, 2021)

It Is a decentralised AI based video creation platform. The Platform allows users to create AI video of digital people using a single picture. It Also offers an API to integrate generative AI capabilities in other products.

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Total Funding raised: US$13 Million
InvestorsCMB International CapitalHashKey Capital, Qingsong FundGGV CapitalGSR Ventures, SNZ, Xin FamilySevenX
Annual revenue: Not available

Infinite Orbits

It AI-based in orbit satellite services and systems. Its Offerings include docking system for satellite anchorage and plug-andplay modules for autonomous tracking and navigation. It The company offers services such as satellite orbit control and guidance, collision avoidance, and optical tracking.

Total Funding raised: US$12.9 Million
Investors: Newfund, European UnionIRDI Capital InvestissementSpaceFounders
Annual Revenue: US$1,000,000 (as of February 29, 2020)


The MY01 medical device is the latest in technology and helps detect Acute Compartment Syndrome Within 48 hours of trauma, (CS) is a muscle disorder that can be life-threatening. It The company capitalizes on the correlation between sustained growth in Intramuscular Early diagnosis of ACS and pressures. MY01 operationalises muscular pressure monitoring into a simple, accurate, single-use device.

Total The funding raised was US$12.6 millions
Investors: Antler, Invest Quebec, Fondaction, DesjardinsMEDTEQ, OBIO
Annual revenue: Not available


Bluesheets is a financial data automation software powered by AI. The Financial automation platform for business connects and automates data from various platforms. It Online and offline processing of financial data. The Firm also offers solutions to manage expenses and data matching.

Total Funding raised: US$12.5 Million
Investors: Illuminate Financial, Insignia Ventures Partners, Antler, 1982 Ventures, Kistefos, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play Tech Center, InvestiblekipleX
Annual revenue: Not available

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Wealth management solutions for financial institutionsInvest Offers multiple solutions to help financial institutions manage investment and asset management processes. The The company provides white-label interfaces, APIs, and AI-based quantitative strategy.

Funding Raised: US$12.3 millions
Investors: Schroders, DIFC, AcerHCapital, Lighthouse CantonSterlingForSterlingForte, Integrated Management Consulting Ltd, Capital, Rise Team, Plug You can also find out more about the following: Play APAC, Ficus
Annual Revenue: US$1.3 Million (as at December 31, 2020)

Neuroglee Therapeutics

It Offers AI-based treatment planning solutions for neurodegenerative disorders. The The platform provides precision therapy based on scientific evidence, combining cognitive rehabilitation and machine learning approaches to treat neurodegenerative disease. The The platform allows for the development of digital prescription therapeutics that can be used to treat diseases using pharmacotherapy. The AI algorithms track digital biomarkers to perform cognitive assessments.

Total Funding raised: US$12.3 Million
Investors: Openspace Ventures, EDBI, Eisai Innovation, 2050 Capital
Annual revenue: Not available

Smarten Spaces

Smarten Spaces AI-enabled Asset and Space Management Solutions. The The company provides a range of solutions to manage tenants, digital workspaces and co-working spaces.

Total 12 million dollars raised as funding
Investors: Symphony Asia Holdings, Capital Group Holdings
Annual Revenue: US$1.1 Million (as at March 31, 2021)

Courtesy: Tracxn

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