The Artem Vakhitov-Alex Pereira A feud is heating.

Vakhitov’s comments on Pereira’s UFC success The idea of a ‘no-go’ was not well received by the BrazilianWho offered him a piece of advice Regarding a possible jump into the octagon to pursue a trilogy bout against “Poatan”. Now, Vakhitov He has stepped up his challenge.

It’s been great to see your success and I wish you even more success in future,” Vakhitov Tell MMA Fighting, “But I am sure you can understand that for me it’s strange to be always reading about ‘the best striker on the planet’ when in my opinion I beat this person twice already. I would like to settle the issue in the UFC octagon.”

The When beef began to be a problem, Vakhitov Tell MMA Fighting He was not happy about it, but he still wanted to thank him. Pereira’s He had a lot of success as a MMA athlete, but he lacked kickboxing defense. Vakhitov He said that he would like to meet the Brazilian A third time now in UFC “demonstrate finally who is the best striker.”

In Their first match was in January 2021, Pereira The split decision unifying the GLORY Light Heavyweight titles made him a two-division champion in kickboxing. He left the sport soon after losing a majority decision. Vakhitov Eight months later, the match was re-played. Pereira He then joined the UFC where he became a double-division champion again.

Pereira Social media was used to respond to the attack on Vakhitov, advising him to “be careful with the people that are giving you this idea” Because he thinks their 1-1 record inside the GLORY rings is deceiving. He added, “everybody knows that when they gave you the win [in GLORY in 2021] it’s because GLORY knew that that would be my last fight in the organization and they didn’t want me to leave with the belt.”

“Nobody gave me any wins comrade,” Vakhitov responded. “In my opinion I am 2-0 against you — if anyone is to talk about someone being ‘given’ wins then they can go back and watch our first fight in GLORY and please try and explain to me what the judges were thinking, because I won that fight clearly.”

Pereira You can write that Vakhitov It is a good idea to use “a bit lost” He was advised to contact his manager Jorge Guimarães for career advice.

“I am neither lost nor confused brother — I know my path and you are on it,” Vakhitov responded. “I’ve been guided from day one by my manager Andrej Busygin and he’s with me every step of the way as we start this next journey. Until we meet again…”

Watch Both kickboxing matches took place between Pereira The following are some examples of how to get started: Vakhitov below.

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