Alex Pereira The following are some examples of how to get started: Artem Vakhitov The two GLORY title fights were split into one each before the finals. Brazilian MMA was his sole focus, leaving kickboxing behind.

Now “Poatan” It is surprising to see Vakhitov’s Recent Comments

In A recent interview Vakhitov Tell them to get on with it MMA Fighting The following are some examples of how to use Pereira “is a superstar and I am happy for him,” He also stated that he was absolutely open to meeting Pereira Now that you know the rules of MMA, it’s time to do it again. Vakhitov He is focusing on his own MMA career. Vakhitov He also believes that many of Pereira’s Recent opponents were intimidated by UFC’s light heavyweight champion “already defeated before the fight starts.”

“His biggest weakness is that he is all attack, he has no defense,” Vakhitov Saying Pereira. “Because A skilled striker can easily take a lot more punches in the head because of his lackluster defense. You In his second fight, he was able to see that. Adesanya. He He was caught because he left a lot open for those who knew what they were doing.

“These other guys haven’t done well against Alex because their striking isn’t at a high enough level. They aren’t confident against him and they think he’s unbeatable, so in their heart they are already defeated before the fight starts. But I have beaten him before in pure striking competition, and I am sure I’ll do it again if we can get our trilogy match in the UFC.”

PereiraRecently, he knocked out Jiri Prochazka A second time to successfully defended his title at UFC 303 responded to the Russian Striker On InstagramGive Vakhitov advice.

“Hey brother, be careful with the people that are giving you this idea,” Pereira wrote in Portuguese. “The same person that is advising you to do that has tried the same to me and I didn’t do because I’m not stupid LOL Everybody knows that when they gave you the win [in GLORY in 2021] it’s because GLORY knew that that would be my last fight in the organization and they didn’t want me to leave with the belt! For you to expose yourself like this, it seems that you’re a bit lost and almost certainly doesn’t have a manager. That’s what I think. You should send a message to ‘Joinha’ [Jorge Guimarães, Pereira’s manager] because I think he can help you. Chama.”

Pereira GLORY’s undisputed double division champion January In 2021, he was awarded a split ruling over Vakhitov. The Two fought in another rematch 8 months later. At The point is that “Poatan” The UFC was expected to sign a deal. Vakhitov The majority of the court ruled that he was entitled to his belt. Pereira Two months later, he made his UFC debut with a knockout in the second round over Andreas Michailidis It is worth mentioning that Madison Square Garden.

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