Alibaba NBA player signed by Has Signed Tony Parker Ambassador for AlibabaJust days before the Paris OlympicsThe company is trying to lure customers. European Customers and Eyes Further International Expansion 

Why It is important: The Signing Parker Comes shortly after David Beckham AliExpress has connections with professional athletes, as evidenced by the fact that it became an ambassador. Alibaba’s Intention to expand business to reach a wider user base.

Details: is a domain name that was launched in 1999. Chinese The first business of the tech giant was to act as a link between foreign wholesalers Chinese manufacturers.

  • Tony Parker In 2019, he launched his own business after a legendary NBA career, which included four championships. Alibaba The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Parker Has a “powerful appeal” In the US Europe.
  • The NBA Star’s Advertisements for Alibaba You can also read about how to get in touch with us. be found You can also find out more about the following: Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airports and subway stations as well as other landmarks. Avenue des Champs-Élysées.
  • The UEFA – ongoing Euro The 2024 Football Competition has been a success Chinese Merchants on Alibaba’s international-focused e-commerce platform AliExpress, according to the company. One AliExpress sellers from Xiamen, surnamed Zhang, increased their stock of soccer-related merchandise “soon after” Beckham I was named as the global ambassador of the platform ahead of the tournament. Zhang AliExpress has seen its sales increase ten-fold in just one month. said Post a message on WeChat

Context: Global Sports events are an important traffic pool for Chinese The spike in downloads for the app shows that brands are looking to expand internationally. With prominent logos and visitor flow rates, along with live viewer counts, they can achieve fast results. Temu after its Super Bowl debut In 2023.

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