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The Article first published on June 9, 2022.

This year, Vietnam It has been the most promising country for Web3 startups Southeast Asia. In A listicle Recent publications by e27We covered 21 Web3 companies operating in the country –and we are certain that these companies will not be the last.

This This time we’d like to focus on Iron Sail, a collaborative effort to contribute towards the development of blockchain gaming.

Launched You can also find out more about the following: October 2021, Iron Sail Results of a partnership between a blockchain-based gaming hub Whydah Seven local gaming studios Topebox, Wolffun GameIMBA Game, Hiker Games, Divmob, 1B Game StudioKEIG Studio.

As A GameThe following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Hub, Iron Sail Investing in promising projects can serve as a gateway to the Metaverse. GameFi projects. Its It is our goal to achieve an open metaverse. “everyone and everything is connected&#8221Both online and off. The Project also aims to make Blockchain game development more sustainable and accessible.

An Example of a Project that is Running includes Ark RivalsA sci-fi strategy action game. Having Completing its Alpha Launch in JanuaryIt saw 80,000 potential players vying to get 1,000 slots. A month later Iron Sail Launched an initial exchange offer (IEO) as well as an initial decentralised offering (IDO) Ark Rivals. The The project was launched by itself. Mainnet On, April 26.

There There is another project named RaramuriThe first metaverse marathon is said to be. Incubated You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Whydah. It is a combination of KardiaChainThe latest technologies from’s will provide runners with an exceptional experience.

The Team Behind Iron Sail Local authorities have been heavily involved with the local GameFi ecosystem last year. Examples It was also involved in the launch of My DeFi Pet You can also find out more about the following: April 2021. The The game was the most played in only three months. Dapp The newest way to get the best of your day Binance Smart Chain. It Launched Thetan Arena You can also find out more about the following: September The user base of 2021 will surpass Axie Infinity‘s is the largest in the industry. December It is the same year.

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Working Together for the eco-system

How What is the relationship between Whydah How did the game studios get started? In An email interview with e27, Iron Sail Founder Tri Pham Explains that after the success of My Defi Pet Many game studios will turn to 2021. Whydah Advice and investment opportunities. They View the full article Whydah As an institution with the expertise to offer long-term value through partnerships that are in-depth and based on blockchain technology.

“By leveraging Whydah’s know-how in smart contracts, tokenomics, metrics design, and community development, game studios can focus entirely on game making instead of stretching their resources thin trying to tackle unfamiliar fields,&#8221He explains.

The The founder explains the collaboration between blockchain solution providers and game studies to empower the community with these values. Respect The games build a sustainable and valuable community. They also provide investor value.

SoWhat is the common problem in blockchain gaming the partnership seeks to solve?

“Blockchain is a relatively new technology, even to global firms. Hence, it is challenging to implement blockchain into the core gameplay while operating the token economy system,&#8221Says Tri Pham. “Although blockchain is the best tool for players to keep track of their actions, assets, and trading activities for value, improper application of the technology may impair the overall in-game experience – from game lags to additional steps required to complete game activities.”

This Where? Whydah’s expertise comes in, as it provides and advises on blockchain integration for this transformation of traditional businesses –in this context, the video game studios.

” … we help studios to deploy their games on different blockchain platforms to keep the games functioning normally while simultaneously providing the ability to have on-chain
records of all gamers’ actions. By reframing ‘crypto activities’ and including them as part of the gameplay, Iron Sail also introduces crypto investment concepts to newcomers and spices up the experience for hardcore gamers at the same time,” Tri Pham explains.

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In How does customer acquisition strategy compare to other strategies? Iron Sail Why not try to be different?

“We aim to acquire users through game genre diversification and a hybrid player base. We gather crypto players, via token incentives, as well as traditional gamers, via a freemium model. As Iron Sail is the collective effort of seven studios, each project will have its own unique value proposition. Each studio, and the game, will focus on its strengths in specific categories, rather than follow the market trends,&#8221The founder explains.

“From Iron Sail’s perspective, we will acquire potential users and investors through various marketing strategies. This involves pushing social engagement on multiple channels to form sustainable communities with mutual goals and leveraging business with quality partnerships. Above all, we prioritise the quality of the game – it will have to speak for itself, and players will be the judge of that.”

Blockchain The future of gaming

With Collaborations like Iron Sail One would wonder, if this industry is going to be around in five years, what the future will bring. When Share his vision, Tri Pham Blockchain technology is a key part of the future.

“Blockchain has the potential to be the next pillar of technological advancement in the next five years, and the metaverse will open a new era of human interactions in the digital age. As a pioneer, Whydah and the Iron Sail project will seize the opportunity to scale up the open metaverse, starting with GameFi, and later SocialFi, before expanding across other realms,&#8221He says.

“We strongly believe that GameFi is likely to be a strong foundational building block for developing the open metaverse based on its innate interactiveness and gamification. By developing a sustainable GameFi ecosystem such as Iron Sail and a healthy investment environment such as Whydah’s ecosystem, we lay down a functional framework for a true metaverse to be built upon.”

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The The founder is a strong believer that the Metaverse will continue to grow its applications.

“Looking ahead, the metaverse could then branch out to other sectors such as education, entertainment, or any other e-activities that one can dream of. We believe that demonstrating what users can do in the metaverse will trigger a deeper sense of intrigue to encourage greater exploration,&#8221He closes.

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