Most Americans Most people agree that they should tip 15 to 20% of the bill after a good meal. But A recent survey found that diners do not pay their servers enough.

The Pew Research Center poll The majority of U.S. restaurant diners now leave a tip of 15 percent for a full-course meal. Of The survey of 11,945 adults found that 37 percent tip 15 percent, 18 percent tip less, and 2 percent tip nothing.

This The overall decline could be a result from what many call “tip fatigue,” a now-common phenomenon born from people being asked to tip more frequently on transactions they haven’t traditionally tipped for — think buying a water bottle at a convenience store, a burger at McDonald’s, or merch at a concert — through the now-ubiquitous contactless payment systems made more popular by the pandemic.

Pew’s A poll shows that 77 per cent of respondents believe that service quality is important. “major factor” There are many factors to consider when deciding what amount to tip. However, social approval and not service quality is increasingly viewed as the main factor.

In It’s disappointing to see this number fall in an industry where tips are a major source of income for workers. Widespread People were more generous with their tips during the first pandemic because they felt empathy for workers. But if what goes up, does indeed go down, then we are in for a tipping slump. The According to the National Restaurant Association, the average tip in restaurants nationwide fell to 19.4 percent during the second quarter 2023. This is the lowest percentage recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. Toast data.

In Many people are interested in learning more about the other. European countries, a gratuity of 15 percent is built into every transaction at a café, bar, or restaurant. While The United States may not see a full-blown reform of gratuity payments in the near future. American Unregulated tipping has become a major concern for those who depend on tips to survive.

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