Christian MagoonCEO of U.S. ETF Sponsor Amplify ETFs hosts a press event at the Korea Exchange The following are some examples of how to use Yeouido, SeoulOn May 7.

On May 7, Christian MagoonCEO of AmplifyA U.S. based exchange traded fund (ETF), stated: “Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) categorizes South Korea as an emerging market but it is short-sighted and inaccurate.”

On The morning of the day. Amplify Magoon Held a meeting with the partner Samsung Asset Management The conference hall at the Korea Exchange Then, you can get in touch with us. Yeouido Area of Seoul In celebration of his arrival. At He was asked about the causes of Korea’s Discount in the domestic stock markets, and he said, “It is insulting to classify South Korea as an emerging market considering its industries, infrastructure, and global brands.”

Magoon Pointed out “Has anyone from MSCI who classified South Korea as an emerging market recently visited and seen the industrial infrastructure or technological advancements?” He When I said this, “MSCI should look at the country without relying on third-party evaluations for investors to have good opportunities.”

Geopolitical Risks have been identified as a cause of the Korea discount. Discount Magoon stated, “Geopolitical risks, such as those related to North Korea, make international investors like the United States uncomfortable,” adding, “Both South Korea and Israel, which has similar geopolitical risks, possess a significant number of startups relative to their GDP and have companies with innovative technologies across various sectors.” He Please see below for further explanation. “While geopolitical risks are legitimate concerns, they alone cannot justify classifying South Korea as an emerging market,” Pointing out that the South Korean The stock market is undervalued

Even MSCI must actively reassess its risk assessment in light of the geopolitical uncertainties. South Korean The market is based on the economic and technical development of South Korean companies.

The following are some of the most effective ways to increase your ROI: Magoon Positively evaluated the value-up Index being developed by Korea Exchange Declaring that the program is part of government’s current price-up initiative. “very productive in changing the perception and reputation of South Korean companies.”

He said, “Based on market capitalization, the U.S. ETF market accounts for approximately 75 percent of the global ETF market. Therefore, it is beneficial for the South Korean market that U.S. ETF managers and asset managers view the South Korean market favorably, as it leads to an increase in passive investment funds and greater accessibility for South Korean companies through these passive products.”

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