What It is a good idea to use Sexyy Red The following are some examples of how to get started: Andre 3000 What do they have in common Haters.

Red 3K has joined LeBron James The following are some examples of how to get started: Maverick Carter’s The Shop A brand new episode is here. While There’s no doubt that both artists have their detractors and critics. “They still don’t believe in me, so I just be like, ‘I’ma show you who I am,'” Sexyy Red said.

“They don’t understand we really came from nothing and then we be making big achievements. Like, that’s something for us. And then they just be like, ‘You ain’t doing nothing'” She continued.

3 Stacks He added his thoughts to hers. “Fuel. Use it for fuel. Hater fuel, man, it’s the best sh*t. It’s free energy.”

Sexyy Red replied, “I like it when they talk about me, I ain’t gonna lie.” Andre Then he continued to say: “that sh*t free energy, that make me go in. I love when somebody doubts you.”

Agreeing You can also find out more about Andre, Red added: “Ummm hmmm. ‘Cause I’m now finna show you something.”

We Previously reported, 3K shared hip-hop history on the same show with the viewers. He recalls, “Rest in peace Pimp [C], but I got a [funny] story about that,” André said when co-host Paul Rivera He was asked about his poem. Pimp was so mad at me because they sent the beat and I wrote my verse, put my words down and I took the beat out for me to rap.

“When I sent it back to them, Pimp was like, ‘F*ck this muthaf*cka, man! This n-gga done goddamn took my beat out! Who the f*ck he think he is?!’ So he was really mad at the choice that I had made to take the beat [out].”

He continued: “I don’t know if it was Bun [B] or somebody, they were like, ‘Nah, but you don’t understand, when that beat drop, though, it sets it off.’ So it’s almost like a set-up. So it worked, and once he got that, he was like, ‘Okay, okay.’ But he was so mad at me.”

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