Andre 3000 It is impossible to list all the classic verses. That His turn is on “Int’l Players Anthem” One of his most acclaimed works. It’s It’s quotable and eccentric. And it’s all played out before the main drums kick in. It distinguishes Andre’s The other rappers’ verses are included in the song. Big Boi You can also find out more about the following: UGK. As The song and verse are still popular today. Pimp C When he first heard the news, he was not happy. The The very qualities that made it special irritated the UGK rapper.

Andre 3000 told this story during his appearance on The Shop. He The song’s making and the unorthodox decision to remove drums from the verse. He The sample verse was sent back to you. Pimp C was angry. “Pimp was so mad at me,” Andre 3000 recalled. “Because they sent the beat and I wrote my verse, put my words down and I took the beat out for me to rap.” Pimp C wasn’t upset by the bars. However, he thought that the song was changed without permission. “Pimp was like, ‘Fuck this muthaf*cka, man! This n**ga done goddamn took my beat out,” Andre said. “Who the f*ck he think he is?!’ He was really mad at the choice that I had made to take the beat [out].”

Andre 3000 Claimed Pimp C Disliked The Beat Change

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed. Andre 3000 told The Shop Some hosts argued that the verse should remain as it is. “I don’t know if it was Bun [B] or somebody,” The rapper called. “They were like, ‘Nah, but you don’t understand, when that beat drop, though, it sets it off.’ So it’s almost like a set-up. So it worked, and once he got that, he was like, ‘Okay, okay.'” The Gambling pays off “Int’l Players Anthem” Peaked at Number 70 on the Billboard Hot 100. It This was UGK’s first and last entry in the charts and is still their most successful song.

While The Shop The first time an episode is broadcast Andre The 3000 have shared the Pimp C story, a similar anecdote was shared by A&R Jeff Sledge During a 2016 appearance The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Waste You can also find out more about the following: Time podcast. The Change in Sledge’s Version was that he was not the one who did it Bun BWho urged? Pimp C to keep Andre’s Verse without a beat “Let’s rock it like that,” the A&R recalls saying. “Because when Andre doing acapella and then when the beat drops, that’s when your verse drops. And then your verse is gonna lift the record up because now the beat is rocking and your verse is kicking.” Whoever Thank you for the call.

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