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  • Out The following are some examples of how to use SeptemberThe 12-track album features music from Buenos Aires, Tbilisi, San Francisco And beyond
  • Andrew ThomsonFounder of Glasgow Label Huntleys + PalmersA new compilation by has been released in September.

    Spanning 12 tracks, Early Doors “documents many of my travels, interactions and celebrates the wonderful connections I’ve made through music since 2007,” Thomson wrote. It Includes recordings from Buenos Aires (Ismael Pinkler), Tbilisi (Anushka Chkheidze), San Francisco (Jackie House), Glasgow (Gorse), São Paulo (Rico Jorge) and beyond. Some Some of the tracks have not been released.

    “Many have been in my life for years at this point and remain obsessions,” He continued. “Some were lying unheard on hard drives, others tucked away in a corner of the internet. They’ve all reached my attention through a combination of lasting friendships, chance encounters and staying curious. Musically, you’ll find synths, dub, gay electronics, self-taught piano compositions, improvised jams and intriguing covers.”

    Early Doors It will appear on a label called Huntleys + PalmersAlso known as Early Doors. ThomsonThe parent label, which was launched in 2007, released more recent records by the likes Black Deer, Moonilena The following are some examples of how to get started: Orion Agassi. He The Run Glasgow Station Clyde Built Radio.

    Listen Three tracks from Early DoorsRead and enjoy Thomson’s Instagram Post about your project below.

    01. Ismael Pinkler – Otros Perfumes (Piano By: Nicolas Bacal)
    02. Piano Rain – Who By Fire (L. Cohen)
    03. Jackie House feat. Leo Herrera & Karis Wilde – El Baile
    04. Anushka Chkheidze – Tomodachi [Digital Bonus]
    05. Alisú – No estamos solas
    06. Oklo Gabon – Rue du Dragon
    07. Gorse – A Piece The following are some examples of how to use Salt [Extended]
    08. Synchronicity – Modular Tango
    09. Rico Jorge – Esteja Livre Pra Morrer
    10. Ango feat. GPU Panic – First Time Caller
    Hey you
    12. Hot Chip – Losing My Head (Superpitcher Dub)

    Huntleys & Palmers Will release Early Doors On, September 16th, 2024.

    Photo: Darkroom Memoir

    Correction, July 10th: A previous version of this article said escombro was from São PauloWhen in fact, he is from Rio de Janeiro. Rico Jorge is from São Paulo.

    Update, July 10th: This This piece was updated and now includes a mention about Clyde Built Radio.

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