Angela Simmons The social media is abuzz again.

The Model shared a video from a bathtub full of cookies. “Fried Oreos anyone ?” She captioned a video. “Soooooo excited for my official launch with @sluttyveganatl !!! Our @eatangelascakes Fried Oreos will be available at all Slutty Vegan locations beginning Friday, July 12th #AngelasCakes #SluttyVegan#VeganFriedOreos…”

“Who’s on her marketing team. They don’t hit the mark Everrrrr..” Questioned by a fan Keke Palmer She came to her defence “The way these people are hating in your comments is something VICIOUS! I’m so blown back. Just know you doing EVERYTHING RIGHT. I have never seen people so pressed. Whew..”

Another Read the article to find out more. “to those of you commenting negatively about her and her marketing, trust me she’s not trying to appeal to you all in any way. The people who she’s trying to reach will get it and more importantly they will actually make a PURCHASE! Everything isn’t for everybody, that’s why we have options! Keep scrolling bullies!”

We Previously reported Angela Simmons A purse shaped like a pistol was worn at the BET 2024. Awards.

Simmons In a video that she shared on Facebook, she responded to the criticism she received for her outfit choice. Instagram. “So I see a lot of conversation around the bag, the purse I wore to the awards,” She said in the video. “I’m not like that, never been like that. I’m not violent.”

Simmons continued, “I’ve obviously been through a lot in my personal life when it comes to gun violence, and it’s very personal to me. But I just liked the bag and thought it was cool and thought it was a fashion moment, and that was it. I didn’t have any intentions of ruffling anyone’s feathers.”

“It seems a couple of people are a little upset, but I don’t mean no harm. I’m super, super peaceful. I’m sorry if it bothered anyone. But that’s just not me, just not how I am.”

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