You can also find out more about the A-Team here. Texas Police say a lawyer was killed after he tried to calm an angry McDonald’s customer.

Jeffrey LimmerAfter the incident, he died at age 46 Houston On, Saturday Evening and his assailant fled the scene in an SUV.

The The customer was angry with the employee over his order. He demanded a full refund. Mr Limmer ABC13, a local news outlet, reported that the man had tried to calm down his children.

Police The fight took place outside Mr Limmer The customer was pushed to the ground.

The Detectives claim that the customer went back to his vehicle and took out a firearm and shot him, before fleeing.

In Interview with ABC13 Mr Limmer’s Jennifer Thomas Her brother praised.

“He loved fiercely his family and friends,” She said “Always laughing, making jokes, and just loving life.”

Ms Thomas She said that her brother had spent most of his life trying to help other people, and it was no surprise when she learned this was what he did when he passed away.

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“Knowing Jeff, he’s the one who always says, ‘Calm down. It’s not that big of a deal,’ and divert the situation,” Ms Thomas said. “He’s always wanted to fight for the little guy and do the right thing.”

Police We are still searching for the shooter Tuesday.

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