The progress of the Korean Animation

Despite Not having the fame Japanese counterpart, Korean Animation has made significant improvements in recent years, both in terms of content and artistic quality.” is a further testament to this fact.

The The animation starts in stop-motion and takes place during a class where students draw themselves by using hand-mirrors. One Students, WilsonThe bully still taunts him, even though he tries to hide the fact that he has only one of his eyes with his long hair. A blond paints his image of himself, which shows him with one eye. This gives him a horn and patch eye.

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Then, a happier presentation is made, this time in full motion animation. He is shown in another school and older, able to create 3D sketches out of his notebook that impresses the other students. AlasThe bullying that he endured for losing his eye continues, but it gets worse as the entire class is involved. It seems like the storyline has moved into the past. Darkness Takes over once again Wilson Then, we see him standing in the dark with his ruined art and are transferred back to stop-motion animation. The The ruined paper drawing seems to take on a new life, leading eventually to Wilson In a wood, all of his drawings come to life. His Other self is also there, with the creatures providing a circle friends and giving the young man courage to move on.

The following are some examples of how to get started: We have produced a very engaging animation which is based on the idea of bullying. It focuses how unfair it can be, how it develops and how the victims can overcome it. Through They seem to be suggesting that you must find the courage to overcome your depression and perseverance will eventually change your life. GrantedThe comment may be romanticized, yet the message is still realistic and well communicated.

Regarding The attention to detail is evident in the first drawing. Wilson and his surroundings, particularly in the forest and the ‘dream world’ being truly top notch. His Hair, in particular, is bound to remain on the minds of viewers, and the fact that both art forms work equally well here is a testimony to the quality of the drawing, coloring, and animation.

The The music in the film is also excellent, as it conveys the feelings each scene is meant to convey with great eloquence even though there is no dialogue. The Editing is also very good. The scenes are well sequenced, although it can take a while to realize that this is the end of the second arc.

“Eyes” The animation shows the progression of Korean The most visible way to do this is through cinema.

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