Shahzia Sikander’s Monumental sculpture “Witness” 2023 was found dead in the early morning hours of Monday, July 8 on the University The following are some examples of how to use Houston Campus as reported on by the New York Times. Standing This striking 18-foot tall piece featured a female character wearing a hoop dress and a jabot with hair braided into ram’s horns, and vine like tendrils. It It was installed as part of a short-term exhibition earlier this summer.

In FebruaryThe piece caused controversy. Anti-abortion groups denounced Pakistani-American Branding an artist’s piece of work “satanic abortion idol,” I vowed to protest the display. The The university cancelled classes due to an uproar Sikander’s The opening reception will include a lecture.

The Vandalism is a common occurrence. Hurricane Beryl The landfall of the Texas The storm caused widespread power outages, and damages across the city and campus. Shawn LindseyThe university’s vice president for academic affairs is Media Relations, stated that it appears as if the damage was intentional. “The University of Houston Police Department is investigating the matter,” Lindsey You can tell them by clicking on the link Hyperallergic. “Conservators have been called in to assess the necessary repairs. We’ve contacted the artist to expedite the restoration process.”

In a statement that ARTnews, Sikander The word was “important to point out the cowardice behind the violent act, trying to cloak the narrative to the storm. I urge the University of Houston to release the footage from the security camera to show that it was intentional hateful vandalism.”

The The head of the statue has been confirmed by the university as being in their possession. Despite They are dedicated to repairing the damage. “Witness” Restoring it to its former splendor as quickly as you can.

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