In The latest episode Gastropod, co-hosts Cynthia Graber You can also find out more about the following: Nicola Twilley The team answers some of the most popular questions from their listeners, such as the mystery surrounding A2 milk. The Two other questions are answered in this episode: Are hush puppies racist? And Why do so many weddings require a fancy cake

You You may have noticed that the dairy aisle at your local grocery store now stocks cartons of milk called A2 alongside fat-free and 2% milk. Milk. The Label and advertising claim A2 milk is easier to digest for those who are lactose intolerant. But is A2 milk the relief that those who can’t consume dairy without discomfort have been waiting for — and, for that matter, should we all be drinking it?

What What is A2 Milk?

To Find out more Gastropod Calling out Dennis SavaianoA researcher at Purdue University Since the 1980s, he has studied milk intolerance. Turns Lactose is the main component of milk. Sugar In milk, there are two primary proteins: casein and whey. protein Milk. There There are several types of casein. The main type found in milk from cows is beta casein. Then—because biology is complicated—there are different types of beta casein, which vary by one or two amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), and the main flavors of beta casein are called A1 and A2. SoA2 is basically a specific variation of milk protein.

To A2 milk is actually older than A1 Milk. Dennis We were told that, up until 5,000-10,000 years ago, cow’s milk was primarily A2 beta casein. Then, at some point, a normal and harmless random genetic mutation occurred that led some cows to produce milk with one different amino acid in the protein—milk that we now know as A1. TodayThere are many breeds of cattle that have been around for centuries, such as those found in Africa You can also find out more about the following: AsiaA2 milk is produced by heritage breeds like Jersey You can also find out more about the following: Brown Swiss The classic cows are able to produce A2 and A1 milk, with the majority of A2. Western The industrial dairy industry Holstein You can also read about the FriesianProduce majority A1 milk.

If The cows don’t seem to care. Why should we?

In In the 1990s, researchers began to study New Zealand The claim that A1 milk causes diabetes in children was made by some. If The researchers also said that A1 may be contributing towards heart disease and the rising rates of autism and schizophrenia. They This is due to the fact that A1 Milk seems to cause inflammation of the digestive system. They This is due to the fact that, because of that one amino acid difference, the protein in A1 dairy breaks down and produces a substance which is similar to morphine. It then latches onto the morphine-receptors in the intestine. (NoYou won’t get high from morphine, as it must reach your central nervous systems, especially the brain. Morphine The speed at which things pass through the digestive system is influenced by receptors located in the gut.

In In any case, researchers and entrepreneurs partnered to sell A2 Milk, which spread in popularity. They also funded a number of studies that seemed to suggest that A2 milk was more easily digested than A1 milk, that it could provide relief for those who suffer after consuming dairy—that maybe people who believe they can’t tolerate Lactose Can’t tolerate A1 is the A1 form.

So Does A2 milk really exist?

Over Scientists have been studying the issue for decades and haven’t found any good evidence to support the most severe health claims. These include the link between A1 and childhood diabetes and schizophrenia.

Dennis Savaiano He was also skeptical about the claims made for digestive health, but only a few short years ago. That’s When the A2 company asked him to conduct a study to see if people with dairy intolerances could more easily consume the A2 version. “I said, great, it’s not going to work,” Savaiano Tell them to get on with it Gastropod. “I’ll take your money. I’ll do the study. It’s not going to work. I’m going to show it doesn’t work.”

He’s Not the only person who has taken on this challenge: Gastropod’s Own intrepid journalist Cynthia GraberShe decided to try it out for herself, as she often feels nausea and pain after eating dairy. What Did they discover something? You’ll Have to listen Gastropod Discover the truth!

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