As With all service professionals, it is inevitable that there will be variations in the attention and speed of delivery. This This can be especially frustrating in a busy bar or restaurant where your table has a set time limit. So What do you do if you have only 90 minutes left to spend with your friends and the service is slow?

First It is unfortunate. You’ve If you made a reservation and paid for the experience, you should receive a meal with pacing. But You, as the patron, should be patient if the place is overcrowded that evening or has a lack of staff. You It may feel necessary to say that the pace of things is a bit slow, but resist your urge to be rude.

Instead, try to be smart about ordering and communicating with your server when they’re with you — you might even note that they seem really busy. If If it takes you 15 minutes to get your attention and you still want dessert, then make sure you order everyone together. (Nothing It’s worse to have to wait 20 minutes more for another cocktail, when the rest of your group has almost finished theirs. Same The bill is presented. Maybe When the final course is dropped you say that you would like the check. This It’s better to not be stressed when you leave. The wait staff knows that you want to go, so they won’t rush to get you out.

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Time Limits on tables are a bad thing. If you choose to make a reservation, you should hope for a great experience. However, you may find that the service is slow or you will feel rushed. Then You can then go to a relaxed place and enjoy your meal or drink at your leisure.

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