Israel The three strikes were said to have targeted militants hiding inside schools.

On SaturdayAn Israeli UN-run hit by strike Al-Jawni school in NuseiratCentral GazaThe health ministry in the territory reports that 16 people have died.

The United Nations Agency for Palestinian UNRWA said that 2,000 refugees were at the shelter.


Chinese-Israeli Woman among four hostages freed from Gaza

Chinese-Israeli Woman among four hostages freed from Gaza

The Latin PatriarchateOwners of the school said that hundreds of people were packed on the grounds.

Another UNRWA-run school in Nuseirat It was a hit MondayA local hospital reported that several people had been treated.

Israel Say it Target “several terrorists” Use the school as a cover.

Hamas has denied Israeli The government claims to use schools, hospitals, and other civilian facilities as military bases.

According UNRWA claims that it has killed more than 500 in its schools, shelters and other facilities. Gaza Since then war started on October 7 With the Hamas attack on Israel.
Hezbollah Leading a new generation of leaders Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Right, escorted his bodyguard Yasser Nemr QranbishThe man who was killed by an Israeli Strike in Syria On, Tuesday, Hezbollah said. PhotoAP
ElsewhereAn Israeli Strike in Syria On, Tuesday Former bodyguard of leader of Lebanese The following are some of the most effective ways to increase your effectiveness. Hezbollah A group official said.

The After an official spoke for hours, Israeli drone hit a car in Syria Near the border with LebanonAccording to the war monitors and the Syrian Radio pro-government Sham FM. The Hezbollah Official spoke under condition of anonymity as per regulations.

The BritainPro-opposition war monitor based in. Syrian Observatory You can also find out more about the following: Human Rights Say two Hezbollah The strike killed members of the car, but a Syrian Driver critically injured There No immediate comment was received from Syrian The authorities or Israeli military.

Hezbollah The militant was later identified as Yasser Nemr QranbishIt did not, however, disclose the circumstances surrounding his death. This is standard procedure for Hezbollah Combatants in non-leadership roles

Hezbollah On social media, his supporters lamented his death by calling him the “shield of the Sayyed”In reference to his time as a bodyguard for Hezbollah’s Leading a new generation of leaders Hassan Nasrallah.

Israeli Soldiers block a road surrounded by smoke following a rocket launched from Lebanon The hitch Israeli-annexed Golan Heights On, Tuesday. PhotoAP

Later On, Tuesday, Hezbollah In retaliation, the government fired tens Katyusha Rockets targeting the An Israeli Military base in the Golan Heights.

Qranbish The majority of our activities took place in Syria In recent years, the number of weapons shipments has increased. HezbollahAn official from an IranThe group also spoke under the condition of anonymity in order to reveal information.

Hezbollah The attacks launched against Israel After the outbreak in October.

Since then, Israeli The air strikes on Lebanon More than 450 people have been killed, mostly Hezbollah More than 80 civilians, including non-combatants and fighters. On You can also find out more about the following: Israeli In the last war, 17 soldiers as well as 11 civilians were killed. Gaza began.

Tens There are thousands of people on each side of the tense situation Lebanon-Israel In the war that lasted for months, many people have been forced to leave their homes.

For years, Israel There have been frequent strikes against targets Syria Link IranThe powerful regional backer of, but they are rarely acknowledged. The The war in Syria has intensified the strikes over the last five months. Gaza The clashes continue between Hezbollah The following are some examples of how to get started: Israeli Forces on the battlefield Lebanon-Israel border.

Hezbollah’s The group has introduced new weapons and increased the intensity of its attacks. Hezbollah It insists that its attacks will stop once there is an agreement on a ceasefire. Gaza. Israel The damage has been exacerbated by the recent flooding. Lebanon.

Late On, Tuesday, Hezbollah Drone footage released over the Israeli-annexed Golan HeightsIdentifying Israeli Bases and strategic areas for military purposes

Soon after, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz In a post at X, formerly Twitter”, he said Hezbollah’s Nasrallah What would you say? “considered the destroyer of Lebanon” If the IranGroup backed by Russia does not cease its threats and attacks, but withdraws from the south Lebanon.

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