Sports Roundup – Qin Haiyang smashes world record in the 200m breaststroke in Japan

24 year old (gigachang) Qin Haiyang (China’s King of the Pool) sets the 200m world record at 2 minutes, 5.48 seconds. As a former swimmer, it was refreshing to see 2 asian men finish in the top 5 places (#breaking barriers)

More details here.+ watch it here

The perfect jacket for summer nights:

I came across a jacket from an up-and-coming boutique shop in Seoul. Fresh off a flight from the motherland, I feel proud of the incredible craftsmanship of the threads I came across while shopping.

I’m used to seeing Alo or Lululemon as good, casual fits in the mid-range price; Zegna for the top tier $$$ and miscellaneous streetwear I catch off of for casual stylish fits.
But this brand called Thisisneverthat surprised me with the quality of the fabric, the stitching, and the styling – it’s a streetwear jacket that feels like it’s off the rack from a designer’s rack (contrast that with Supreme jackets).

Anyways, here’s the jacket I saw that was really unique… enjoy

Floral Embroidered Jacket

A banging set of technical athleisure pants

I walked into the Alo store in Soho today and picked up a pair of athleisure cargo pants… and it’s fire.

The Espresso color is perfect for anyone with some melanin (I’d like to say I’m olive toned, but blacc’er). A South Asian homie in line said he had three of the same, so it was a done deal – that’s all the persuasion I needed to pull trig on these.

How to rock: You can match these with any basic set of shirts with solid colors and a basic pair of sneakers, namely black for a moody asian guy like me.

Espresso Pants with Pockets

Song of the weekend (PAWSA throws down in Bushwick):

Bushwick has an unreal number of amazing DJ’s come through, if you didn’t know; this weekend VNSSA and PAWSA were throwing down into the early hours of the Brooklyn rave scene. 

The AsianMasculinity song pick of the weekend is:


A little bit more about PAWSA:

PAWSA is a name that has consistently emerged from the burgeoning house and techno scene in recent times. The London-based producer kickstarted his remarkable rise with a bonafide EP on the renowned Lost Records in 2014. The appropriately named ‘Pilot’ – RA