When it comes to etiquette, there are a few rules to know ahead of St. Patrick’s Day.

The March holiday in the United States turns super boozy. Green beer on tap, endless hours of darties to Irish tunes, and parades are just a few examples of what you can expect from the annual March holiday in America. Cultural misconceptions, offensive cocktail names and other #fails are common at these celebrations. (If you’re out celebrating at a pub tonight, consider this your official reminder to tip your servers appropriately.)

St. Patrick’s Day lands on a Friday this year — opening the possibility for even more mischief. These seven party fouls will save you from embarrassment tomorrow and future regret.

Please, for the Love of God, Don’t Order Irish Car Bombs

It should all be common sense now, given the global reach of Google. But it is worth stating again that: Irish Car Bomb isn’t an appropriate order for St. Patrick’s Day. You could end up being the one ordering the drink at the bar. Very The side eye.

Irish Car Bomb contains a glass of Guinness A shot of half and a shot Baileys And half Irish whiskey. It fizzes when the shot is dropped in the pint. It also curdles fairly quickly (ew), so it’s best enjoyed in a hasty manner.

If you absolutely must order this combination, opt for one of its more tasteful aliases like “Irish Slammer” or the “Dublin Drop.”

It’s St. Paddy’s, Not St. Patty’s

The technically correct abbreviation of St. Patrick’s day is St. Paddy’s — not the popular misnomer St. Patty’s. Some shorten the holiday’s name altogether, to simply call it “Paddy’s Day.” Sources suggest, however, that the abbreviated name can be deemed offensive So celebrate those of Irish descent with care

PSA: Green Beer Is Way It is overrated

“Brewskis taste better when they’re neon green and full of artificial dyes,” said no one, ever. While it’s part of the fun of the holiday, sipping warm beer that’s festively-hued isn’t the move past your, say, 22nd birthday.

Perhaps we could instead suggest a whole host of delicious Irish stoutsAre you a brewer who recommends this beer?

Don’t Pinch Strangers for Not Wearing Green, Please

Don’t be that weirdo at the bar who’s pinching patrons for not wearing a festive ‘fit. This is definitely American tradition states that wearing green makes the wearer invisible to leprechauns — which is not a common concern in our modern world — and the pinch is a reminder that you’re able to be seen by these mischievous beings. Meaning: It’s completely unnecessary to pinch strangers on March 17,

Friends and family are still welcome.

Don’t bring glass bottles to a parade

Redditors It is a bad idea to bring bottled alcohol to outdoor events. Even if you manage to skirt open container laws, it’s likely you could receive a ticket or warning for sipping from a glass container.

Stop sipping Guinness Exclusively

Irish drinking culture has a lot more to offer than stout. There’s four styles of Irish whiskey You have a wide range of expressions to choose, from light and delicate to full-strength spirits to heavy, full-strength ones. Click here Learn more about the 20 best Irish whiskeys The year.

Don’t Appropriate Irish Culture

Avoid donning a faux Irish accent today or giving your friends fake “Irish-sounding” nicknames. It’s a cringe move at best, and cultural insensitivity at worst.

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