Azealia Banks only sEems to pop up when she has something negative to say; it’s been her pattern for years. Monday (February The 12th (no. Mere After a few hours, Beyoncé announced her Texas-themed album, RENAISSANCE: Act iiThe. would arrive on March 29, Banks Jump on Instagram The insult Columbia Records Artists for going “country.”

In A rant was uploaded to her Instagram Stories, Banks said, “You’re setting yourself up to be ridiculed again. There’s a theatrical element to country music !!! Them critics are not just going to accept an ugly blond wig and bullying from JAY-Z… It’s giving big time musical grift. Yes black girls can make county music … but you’re just really not hitting the button.

“Beyoncé please stop the madness. The gay baiting, the overtly narcissistic attempts to lazily encroach into a genre you think your popularity is gonna gain accolades for you in… You’re looking like food sis. You will gag when k Michelle tears it.”

Banks went after Beyoncé in 2018 for allegedly stealing her choreography, calling her a “regular b####.” As She said it at the time. “I realized that my ex dancer Ashanti choreographed for Beyoncé and stole the original choreography @gypjaq made for count contessa. Beyoncé needs to get over herself and just hire me ‘cause even though Coachella was cute…it was still more of the same.”

She You can also claim Beyoncé “loves to push this female empowerment s### but is just ALWAYS trying to steal from talented women and outdo them…but she really never does.” She continuEd, “I really hope she gets real with herself soon and humbles herself enough to accept the visions and full projects women who admire her put together FOR HER.”

Needless The BeyHive is not a fan of Banks She was immediately dragged online. Find Some of the best Tweets are below.

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