Baidu’s Head of PR Qu JingAfter her controversial comments on the work culture on Chinese Social media The The surfacing of several videos made by Qu The public has questioned the corporate values of the company.

“I’m not even obligated to find out if you cried or had a quarrel [with your boyfriend or husband], which does not serve my concern as a supervisor. I’m not your mother-in-law, also not your mum,” Qu Commented in one of the short videos posted by Douyin, China’s TikTok has a younger sibling. 

All Four of Qu’s Although the controversial videos have been removed, clips are still available on Chinese Her comments on social media and in her blog have ignited a firestorm and a lot of debate. 

Why It is important: The The incident escalated into Baidu’s The biggest crisis in PR for years The In the wake of the recent scandal, the company is trying to quell public outrage. Qu’s comments.

Details: News You can also find out more about the following: Qu Jing’s The departure of a person has been reported Thursday She apologized for hours on WeChat. Moments From her personal account.

  • That apology letter Did not mention Qu’s She was about to leave the company but she clarified that the videos “do not represent Baidu’s stance.” It The following is a list of statements that are made. Qu The company did not give consent before releasing the videos.
  • Qu Jing Vice President and Chief of Communications at Baidu After leading public and Government Affairs at Huawei She has worked as a journalist for China’s state-backed Xinhua News agency according to her  Wikipedia page
  • In One video Qu A critic Baidu An employee refused to take a trip lasting 50 days for business during the height CovidWhen is the ’19 pandemic? China The government has imposed strict restrictions on travel across the entire country. “How dare you tell me that your husband can’t stand it and needs you back [home]? I’m 10 or 20 years older than you and have two kids, [but] I feel neither bitter nor tired,” She said
  • Another Video that went viral in late Wednesday The public’s anger was fueled by this, and it brought into question the entire system. Qu’s Ability as a chief of PR In This short video will show you how to use the webcam. Qu It was reported that he smacked a paper figure on which the letters SCMP were written. This is widely regarded to refer to the South China Morning Post. The The incident is suspected of being Qu venting her anger over a January Newspaper linking published a report Baidu’s ChatGPT rival ERNIE Bot You can also find out more about China’s military. HoweverTechNode is unable to independently confirm when the video was recorded.

Context: BaiduThe company, together with other major technology companies, will be exhibiting at the. ChinaIn recent years,’s so-called “wolf work culture” has been the subject of repeated criticism. In One of the most notable examples in 2019 Alibaba The following are some of the most common questions asked by those who seek to understand how to pronounce their name. Jack Ma After he made a comment about “996“, working six days a weeks from 9 am to 9 pm, as a “huge blessing”.

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