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  • “Batman He has experienced his share of dark times throughout his life. Here Some of the most brutal moments and humiliating moments that have ever occurred Batman’s history:
  • The Killing Joke: In This classic story by Alan Moore The following are some examples of how to get started: Brian Bolland. Joker The ‘Try to Prove It’ Batman That he could turn him into an identical monster to him. He Torture and brutalization Commissioner Gordon Even his family members and friends are included in the shooting Barbara GordonShe was paralyzed from the waist downward. The Story ends with a Joker’s Driving a car without a license is deemed illegitimate Batman Showing him a vision in which his family is murdered can make a person insane.
  • Knightfall: In This storyline is a good example. Bane breaks Batman’s Back and taking over as the new Batman. Bruce Wayne’s successor, Azraelreveals himself to be an unstable and dangerous villain who nearly destroys Gotham City.

Since His introduction by Bob Kane The following are some examples of how to get started: Bill Finger The year 1939 Detective Comics #27 is the world famous Batman The comic industry has grown to be the largest in the world. In In his nearly ninety-year career, he’s amassed some the most well-written and enjoyable comics.

Batman’s Comics show him often at his best, but he has also experienced some of his lowest moments since launching his career. Every Superheroes have their own share of tragedies and defeats, but they are still heroes. Caped Crusader’s Gritty tone made him prime target for some darkest stories. While Not all of these crashes are tragic. Some of them are a result of a wounded pride. Events in Batman’s Even the villains have been shocked by these dark moments in life.

10 Batman Gets Knocked Down By Hal Jordan

Green Lantern Rebirth #6 (Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver)

In The 1990s Hal Jordan turned to villainy His home of Coast City The destruction of the Mongul The following are some examples of how to get started: Cyborg Superman. Following This is what he became ParallaxWho saved the Earth The final moments of The Final Night. Despite In this story, he tries to redeem himself. Batman The more forgiving ones were pitted against him. Superman. Years later, Hal It was finally redeemable in Green Lantern: Rebirth (Geoff Johns & Ethan Van Sciver), revealing the parasitic villain Parallax Responsible means to be accountable

While A great story for Hal Jordan, Green Lantern Rebirth Also, the humiliation of Batman As, reversing an famous Justice League International moment, Jordan Knocks him down in one blow. The The moment of humility Caped Crusader In front of Justice Leaguers The following are some examples of how to get started: Corps Later, members were told to refrain from threatening each other Alan Scott When he tried to involve himself in the defeat Parallax.

9 Bruce Gets Jokerized By The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs #1-7 (Scott Snyder, Jock)

In Aftereffects of Barbatos You can also read about the Nightmare Batmen War on the DCU Batman It is his job to find and catch the evil counterpart. After Batman Who Laughs And his partner, Grim Knight, assault Blackgate Prison In search of JokerThe Clown Prince You can also find out more about the following: Crime The only way to decide Bruce To gain the advantage, he must become unpredictable.

For Much of The Batman Who Laughs, Bruce The world is becoming increasingly unstable. Joker’s The toxin takes effect and causes mood swings. In By the end of the issue, you’ll almost be left wondering whether or not it was worth reading. Prime Earth Batman The toxin is no match.

10 Best Batman Comics in History, Ranked

With Nearly eighty years in the print Batman It is a comic character that has been very successful. These His stories have elevated him to this position.

8 Frank Miller’s Batman Abuses Robin

All-Star Batman The following are some examples of how to get started: Robin. Boy Wonder #2 (Frank Miller, Jim Lee)


In 2005 Comics Released All-Star The line is a series with creative teams of superstars that serve as the definitive version of key heroes. While Grant Morrison The following are some examples of how to get started: Frank Quitely Teamwork and collaboration were key to the success of this mission. Frank Miller The following are some examples of how to get started: Jim Lee The opposite was true. In The gritty excesses that characterized the 1990s are reflected in this series. Miller’s What should have been the dream team, ended up with some of Batman’s worst moments.

While The series is remembered for many reasons. It’s a finality Bruce’s Treatment of Robin It is his worst character trait in the entire series.. In This series is a collection of s. Bruce’s It was the cold, abusive attitude he had towards his wards who were just soldiers in his war that cemented his reputation as a hero. UltimatelyThe quality of the series was what left a stain in the character’s past (and arguably the most significant writer for the character since the Modern Age began).

7 Batman’s Back You can learn more about it here. Broken By Bane

Batman #497 (Doug Moench, Jim Aparo, Dick Giordano, Adrienne Roy)

Created By: Chuck Dixon The following are some examples of how to get started: Graham Nolan The following are some examples of how to use Vengeance You can also find out more about the following: Bane, the villainous character is presented as a driven and anti-social individual.BatmanShares the intelligence, cunning, and strength of a hero, but without any of his privileges. After He leaves his prison cell and heads for Gotham With his fellow prisoners, he is on a mission to take Gotham You can also find out more about us on our website. Bruce … and break the Bat The process is the key.

During The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. “Knightfall” story, Bane A breakout is orchestrated from Arkham AsylumForce an exhausted Batman To round up all of his rogues in just a few evenings. At He is exhausted at the end. Bane Who deduced? Bruce’s Identity — is capable of breaking into Wayne Manor Break his enemy’s back with the Batcave. To To make matters worse, demoralized personnel can only make the situation worse Wayne Names Azrael The successor of his predecessor, which nearly destroys the Caped Crusader’s Reputation in the city

6 Catwoman Calls Off The Wedding

Batman #50 (Tom King, Mikel Janin)

During Tom King’s Run on Batman during RebirthHe laid the foundation for The Dark Knight’s Romance is a way to bring romance into your life Catwoman It’s all coming together. In The story led up to the wedding of two characters that had been long awaited in the fifty-fifth issue. HoweverLast minute, the Cat Breaking things off

The Dissolution of the Bat The following are some examples of how to get started: Cat Engagement was even worse than it had been revealed. It It was revealed that the act was carried out at the request of Bane The following are some examples of how to get started: Flashpoint BatmanThey worked for their own agendas. Thomas To dissuade his son from being a terrorist, he would want to break the spirit of his son. Batman.

5 Batman Becomes Addicted To Venom

Legends The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the Dark Knight #16-20 (Dennis O’Neil, Trevor von Eeden, Russell Braun, José Luis García-LópThe e-mail address you entered is not valid.z, Steve Oliff)

Legends You can also find out more about the following: The Dark Knight The series continued to follow Batman Out-of-continuity stories (though some have been brought into continuity). The The fourth story deals with Bruce Wayne Addiction to VenomThe serum that gives Bane His enhanced strength. HoweverHe also suffered from side effects.

As Batman’s Dependence on Venom As his mental state deteriorated, he began to experience mood swings, fits of rage and threats that he would rip off criminals’ heads. After He was abusive towards others because of his addiction. Bruce The moment of clarity was seized, and the drugs were thrown away. Alfred He was locked in. Batcave For rehab. After After a week, he had become stronger. It was one of the most difficult but also most rewarding chapters in his life.

20 Best Batman Quotes That Prove He’s DC’s Most Hardcore Hero

Batman’s The adventures of the wordsmith reveal their true talents Dark Knight It is. See Twenty quotes from Batman The core of DC’s iconic characters.

4 Batman Takes Down The Justice League The following are some examples of how to use “Tower of Babel”

JLA #43-46 (Mark Waid, Howard Porter)

“Tower of Babel” Follow the link to learn more about Ra’s Ghul’s War on the horizon Justice LeagueUsing Batman’s Secret contingency plans to incapacitate his friends His Fighting against the League It was both psychological and physical, Bruce When the villains dug his parents’ graves and stole their corpses, he got a bad shock.

“Tower of Babel” It is clear that the story behind the movie, “Gone with the Wind”, stands out. Justice League The following are some examples of how to get started: Batman History is the story that has cemented the distrust between peoples. The Dark Knight And his teammates. After He lost his place on the team after he spoke to someone about it. League Although he did not regret the secret plans he left the team in shame. History The same thing would happen when Ra’s Ghul Later, the Brother Eye Satellite program from the hero. He uses it to cause second crisis against the League.

3 Batman Gets Brainwashed By Deacon Blackfire

Batman: The Cult #1-4 (Bernie Wrightson, Jim Starlin)

Batman: the Cult is widely regarded as one of the finest — and darkest — stories in DC history, thanks to its psychologically-driven plot by Jim Starlin Fantastic art by Bernie Wrightson. The Series follows the Caped Crusader’s investigation into a violent cult in GothamLeading the way is charismatic Deacon BlackfireWho would murder the homeless people of the city? When Batman He is captured and brainwashed to the cult.

The The fact is Batman The worst thing that could have happened was if he lost control of himself. Under Blackfire’s Influence, he assisted the cult to murder their victims, forcing him over the line that he would never cross.. While He does eventually regain the senses. However, he is haunted for the actions that he committed and can only defeat Blackfire In the process, he turns his cult on him. It’s It is made clear in the entire story that the hero has been traumatized by the time he spent in the cult.

2 Batman’s Greatest Failure, The Death You can also find out more about the following: Jason Todd

Batman #426-429 (Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo, Adrienne Roy)

Following Dick Grayson’s Joining the Teen Titans, Batman Found a new Robin The following are some examples of how to use Jason Todd. After In the weeks leading up to the elections, the readership did not find him to be a good replacement. “Death in the Family,” (Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo & Mike Mignola) they famously voted to have him killed. The Story follows the capture Todd At the hands of Joker, who beats him with a barbell, leaving him dead in a blast.

The Death of a Species Jason Todd threw Batman One of the darkest chapters of his careerEven the hero was contemplating murder. Joker One and done. The The story ends with the revelation of Joker The diplomat has been appointed by the United Nations Iran, hoping he could use his diplomatic protection as a shield – only to attack United Nations. In The fiery end Bruce He fights in a helicopter and leaves his enemy for dead after it crashes.

1 Bruce’s Dark Future ‘The Last Knight The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Earth’

The Last Knight On Earth #3 (Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo)

The Last Knight On Earth Serves as a Black Label Conclusion to a Detective Comics Story by Scott Snyder The following are some examples of how to get started: Greg CapulloThe revealing of. Bruce’s Cloning is used to carry on his legacy. In The miniseries features a young replica of the Caped Crusader The world has ended when a person awakens in a bunker underground. With a dismembered Joker Head in the a Lantern, he embarks on a journey in order to find out the truth.

The Last Knight On Earth It ends with the shocking revelation that the original Bruce Wayne The villain has become a tyrant Omega. HoweverThe story doesn’t end here. The The reason he became bad was due to the brutal trauma he suffered from a group of people he tried to rescue by bringing them to the Hall You can also find out more about the following: Justice. Wayne He was literally torn asunder by the savage mob, which made his fate among the most brutal in DC’s history.

Batman Stands in Detective Comic Art by Jason Fabok

One DC’s most legendary heroes Batman The vigilante superhero persona is the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Forged Tragically, his parents died. Bruce He has dedicated his entire life to becoming the best martial artist, tactician, and detective in the world. Recruiting A whole family of sidekicks and allies Bruce As the Dark Knight of his hometown, he waged war against evil. Gotham City.

Bruce Wayne

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