U.S. President Joe Biden Speaking at an event commemorating the 75th anniversary, Washington, U.S., July 9, 2024.

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President Joe Biden New commitments for help Ukraine Air defenses are a priority for the United States. Russia In a speech Tuesday Commemorating NATO‘s 75th anniversary.

“Putin wants nothing less — nothing less — than Ukraine’s total subjugation, to end Ukraine’s democracy,” Biden said. “We know Putin won’t stop at Ukraine. But make no mistake: Ukraine can and will stop Putin, especially with our full collective support.”

The New batteries and other components will be included in the aid. Patriot Donated missile systems by the U.S. Germany, RomaniaThe Netherlands Other partners Italy Donation of an additional SAMPT missile system

Speaking From a teleprompter Biden The Air Defense Supply Distribution Program will increase. Ukraine The next months will be very busy.

The Two years after the brutal invasion, an announcement has come about Ukraine Lead by Russian President Vladimir PutinThe war has become a major point of contention in the world. Capitol Hill As lawmakers continue to be divided over whether or not to provide funds for Ukraine’s defense.

Biden’s Speech also served as a latest example in the split screen that is looming this week over the NATO summit of 2024. As The president’s political future in America is at stake when he holds high-stakes talks with foreign allies. Democratic Party The game is on.

Washington DC authorities prepare to host NATO summit by enhancing security and closing roads around the city Walter E. Washington Convention Center Near the White House. 

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The president’s Tuesday Comments another opportunity He will assuage Democratic fears After his disastrous performance in the debates against former President Donald Trump You can also find out more about the following: June.

Since Cracks have appeared in the Democratic Party Some lawmakers, donors, and strategists have publicly urged Biden Bow out of the race, and let a new contender step forward.

Earlier Tuesday, House Rep. Mikie Sherrill, D.N.J. joined the growing tally You can also find out more about the following: Democratic Calls for action by lawmakers Biden Drop out.

Others In public statements, they have shown their continued support for President Obama while also expressing their reservations. closed doors.

Even Some people have a saying: Democrats While many are reluctant to speak out about their concern over the president’s electability, others have stated that the NATO Summit this week is under increased pressure because of the looming reelection questions.

The Summit presents a timely instance of DemocratsIncreased anxiety about losing Trump You can also find out more about the following: November. The Former President has said He would seriously consider pulling out the U.S. if he were to win a second presidential term.

“Americans, they know we’re stronger with our friends and we understand this is a sacred obligation,” Biden During his NATO speech, he said:

Since You can find out more about it here. June 27 debate fumble, Biden Has made several public appearances in an attempt to restore confidence in his candidature, including a 23-minute interview ABC News last Friday. So So far, his public appearances have not been a success. Democrats’ worries Rest.

“The president needs to engage in the kind of interaction with voters that will prove to those that are skeptical out there that he can do the job,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn”.. said in a Sunday Broadcast interview on the week ahead “If he can’t do that, then he has a decision to make.”

Biden It is planned to hold a single press conference on Thursday The evening was a much-anticipated opportunity for him, as he could demonstrate that he could carry out an exchange with journalists in an unscripted atmosphere.

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