NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly Talks with Michael Tyler, Biden’s reelection campaign communications director.


We We are only six months away from the end of the year. Election Day. And As well as the Trump You can also find out more about the following: Biden While campaigns are preparing to start the summer, they can keep themselves busy. Donald Trump He spent a lot of time in court this week for his New York Trial of hush money Joe Biden Has been dealing with, among other things the war in Gaza The U.S. influence on how the world operates Israel Conducts the war WellNPR tracks both campaigns closely. We’re Now, let’s take a minute to check-in with Michael TylerThe Communications Director of the Biden-Harris campaign. We He was at the campaign headquarters when I reached out to him Wilmington, Del. Michael Tyler, welcome.

MICHAEL TYLER Thank I appreciate you having me. I appreciate it.

KELLY: On You can also find out more about the following: Middle EastYou know that. President Biden He announced this week that he would stop all further shipments American Bombs Israel If you want to know more about if Israel Launches a major ground assault in Rafah. I’m curious about the impact of this on your campaign, because some of the biggest donors to your campaign are angry about it. How Are you considering the politics in this area?

TYLER: Well, listen. The most important thing I want to say is this: Joe Biden It is important to not think about politics. He This situation is not viewed through the prism of politics. He Look at it through the eyes of our Commander in Chief. And What is most important for him? Israel The victim of an attack has a legal right to defend themselves. October 11. But Innocents must be protected at all costs Palestinian life. And He has said it clearly, and he is acting accordingly. I think…

KELLY: Understood. But You can’t have people like Democratic megadonor or Haim Saban emailing White House Officials saying bad, poor, terrible decisions on all levels – will that make a difference?

TYLER: NoThe president doesn’t see this through a political lens. I believe what the American The people will witness a president serving as commander in Chief who has both the temperament and the judgment necessary to manage global conflicts of the complexity that are currently being played out. And We are going to use that to show our opponent that he has neither the temperament, nor the skills to deal with conflicts. And This is the option that we’re going to offer to you. American There is a difference between a president focused on solving problems with substance, and an opponent who approaches this from the perspective of the North Star What’s in their own self-interest? And We are confident in the American The people will choose to side with Joe Biden On that.

KELLY: Let I would like to turn you over to the younger voters and student activists. There Students who are politically involved and engaged in the political process are also those students. I’m You wish someone was knocking at your doors. InsteadOn college campuses around the country, there are many protests against the president’s policy. How What are you doing to bring in these younger voters?

TYLER: WellI’m not sure. No. I’m sure you heard the president speak about peaceful protests and the fundamental rights of people to voice their opinions. He The right to freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. Americans Demonstrating peacefully and making their voices heard. And This is in stark contrast to what our opponent says. But On this issue, we will make sure to emphasize the importance of young voters. And We’ll also make sure to communicate the full scope of the election to young voters.

Young Voters tell us they care about abortion rights, gun violence, climate change, combating it as the president has done and reducing student loan debts. These The president has been fighting for all of these things. These These are all things which stand in stark contrast. Donald Trump When he was in power, who sat in the pockets of the gun lobby and did nothing to fight climate change? We’re It was interesting to hear him talk about doing whatever the oil lobby wanted if they contributed to his campaign.

KELLY: Just…

TYLER: So We will continue to fight for the young people, as we have done in the past four years.

KELLY: When If you say he is listening, do these protesters influence the way the president views the war?

TYLER: AgainAs I have said, the president does not see this conflict from a political perspective. He’s As commander in chief, I would approach it. And The idea that I’m a bit of a skeptic is something that I find interesting. American people appreciate. That’s Why they chose him, and why they’ll vote for Joe Biden Again in November … and to eject someone like Donald TrumpWho would only consider issues such as this, and any other issue that comes across his desk from the perspective of his personal self-interest?

KELLY: And just quickly, big picture, Americans Tired. Many people are already set in their ways. What What issues are you convinced will actually motivate people to vote?

TYLER: Yeah. This election will be about who fights to protect, defend, and advance our freedoms and our economy. We need to decide if we want an economy that grows from the bottom to the top or the middle.


TYLER: …Or Revert to top-down, failed approach Donald Trump had. And We’re going present the basic choice to our customers. American people. And We’re confident they’ll choose us when we make the choice. Joe Biden Once again, reject Donald Trump.

KELLY: Michael Tyler The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the Biden campaign. We’ll Leave it alone Thank you.

TYLER: Thank You are so welcome.

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