On The morning after July 9, Ukrainian Strategic strike drones, also called “Bober” (BeaverOver the past few days, a number of ) have been spotted. Russia’s Astrakhan region.

The Drones painted black reportedly targeted an airfield and a training ground for the military in the area.

The The first to report the incident was Ukrainian Defense News Outlet Militaniy. According Initially, it appears that drones have attacked military facilities.


One Local residents captured footage of one drone after it landed on a field. This was presumably because of a technical failure. The Video footage revealed the drone had been painted in a dark, light-absorbing black paint. This It is not the first time that drones have been painted black. Russian Forces camouflage themselves Shahed-136 drones during night operations.

HoweverThe purpose of deploying these night adapted Ukrainian drones in broad daylight remains unclear. The The drones are highly visible, and this is beneficial for night missions. It also increases the chances of them being detected and shot at during the day.

The Black paint is used on the fuselages of drones to reduce visibility during nighttime operations. This The technique was first used by Russian The military should improve the stealth capability of their unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs). By Similar approaches can be adopted. Ukrainian Forces have tried to improve the efficiency of their drone operation under cover of darkness.

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