Blueface has released a new track amid his ongoing tour. ongoing conflict with the mothers of his kids aptly titled “Baby Momma Drama.” 

The track comes after the “Thotiana” hitmaker bragged about signing both of his kids’ mothers, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis to his MILF Music label.  

In the “Baby Momma Drama” video, Chrisean Rock seemingly signs her contract, albeit a handwritten one with “MILF Music Forever” scrawled on the cover page. The video is currently only available via YouTube.  

However, he’s recently been feuding with the mother of his two older children despite their reconciliation during Rock’s pregnancy. JaidynAlexis has announced that she is no longer with Blueface Records after Rock signed to the label.  

“My new manager would never,” she tweeted over the weekend. “Who’s watching the baby?” 

Then, over on Instagram, Alexis confirmed, “I’m sorry to all the fans, I’m no longer with MILF Music. I do not condone bullying and anything on his page is no longer my consent.” 

“I signed both my baby mommas I guess I’m the problem,” Blueface wrote later that day. 

However, after Blueface dropped the “Babay Momma Drama” visuals, Jaidyn Alexis seemingly had a change of heart

She retweeted a post branding her “The First Lady of Milf music” urging, “don’t let no one trick you out your spot.” Alexis followed up with, “I didn’t say I was done w music.” 

It looks like Blueface’s “Baby Momma Drama” continues.  

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