Boosie Badazz Fans can get into some strange fan interactions when out and about, but we didn’t think that hygiene would become such an issue. MoreoverA female fan has gone viral for saying that the Russia She was kicked out of the club after she commented on the bad breath of a rapper. “He got mad, so he sent security up there,” She claimed on social media. “They come to get me [and] I’m like, ‘Dang.’ Look how small [I am]. I didn’t even do anything. Like, your breath was stank, but because I told you your breath was stank, you got me kicked out the club? I’m never going to nothing else.”

Furthermore, Boosie It is also a commentator on the way other MCs interacted with their fans. Rick RossRecent fight between OVO fans and’after he played a song Kendrick Lamar‘s Drake Disses at the a Canada concert. “THIS WORLD GO START LISTENING TO MY WORDS ONE DAY SMH #ispeakthetruth” Baton Rouge Rapper tweeted about the topic. This His previous comments on the potential for rap beef to go too far. StillMany people shared that they thought this conclusion was exaggerated, and that the majority of people here never advocated violence or confrontation.

Boosie Badazz Allegedly Gets Angry At Woman Calling Out His Bad Breath

But Boosie Has a lot to say to angry fans over the backlash against his LGBTQIA2+ track.Letter To The LGBT.” “Rappers paint they nails and told, ‘That’s what women do’ / Playing gay so y’all support them, they pimping you / So really y’all get played for change, supporting people who don’t even know your pain,” He raps at the end of the video. “How can a real woman lay up in a bed with a man who got nails like her? / Wear a f***ing purse like her, but not bleeding on the first like her?

Meanwhile, Boosie Badazz ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? got off house arrestAt least he now has something to look forward to. Hopefully Next time he sees a fan in public, he knows to avoid bringing up smelly smells. There You might also not want argue with someone else about a number of other hot issues. Boosie. But He will also be willing to debate whether he is on the right side or wrong.

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