The video of Busta Rhymes Fans who stayed in their seats at his show 2024 Essence Festival The following are some examples of how to use New Orleans.

Busta Rhymes Scolds Fans The following are some examples of how to use Not Standing During His Set You can also check out our other articles. Essence Fest

Busta Rhymes The 2024 Olympics, he is not only known for his energetic performances. Essence FestivalFans remained in their seats, according to reports. Busta It was a rocking mic. And The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Brooklyn Rap veteran didn’t like it.

In A video was posted by X, formerly called TwitterThe user @DaBlogger_504 on Twitter posted this. Friday (July 5), Bussa-Buss The crowd was filming the show with their phones.

“A-yo, f**k them camera phones, too. Let’s get back to interacting like humans. Put them weird-ass devices down,” Busta Screamed at the audience. “I ain’t from that era. Them s**ts don’t control the soul. F**k your phone.”

“I will put every one of y’all out until y’all a*ses is up,” He warned.

“Thirty-three years of doing this s**t, I ain’t use to ni**as sitting down at my show, I don’t give a f**k!” He added.

Busta During his performance, he told the audience that it was his very first time at Essence Festival I was hoping for a lively and interactive response from the audience. InitiallyInitially seated, the audience eventually rose, encouraging the rap veteran, who can be seen below, to continue the show.

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Busta Rhymes Joins Missy Elliott, Timbaland The following are some examples of how to get started: Ciara The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Out The following are some examples of how to use This World Tour

Busta Rhymes The audience will be more attentive when he embarks on his joint tour with Missy Elliott. Earlier This year, Missy Announced that she will be headlining her own tour Out of This World tour featuring her longtime friends Timbaland, Ciara Of course, Busta.

The 24 city trek is launched July The 4th and will hit cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York Before winding down, we have more to say Aug. 22. You Below you can find their tour dates.

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