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Busta Rhymes It was not about the mincing words at the Essence Festival You can also find out more about the following: New OrleansWhere is he? checked the audience for “sitting down at my show” Instead of giving, Extinction Level EvenRapper t the energy he is used to while delivering vibrant performances that only he can.

But Bus A Bus The audience member who was criticized for not participating in the live performance, but instead enjoying it through their phone. This is a recent trend that has been brought up often.

“Ayo, f*ck them camera phones, too,” Busta Rhymes. Born Trevor George Smith JrThe crowd was told by  New Orleans’ Caesars Superdome The festival’s opening evening. “Let’s get back to interacting like humans. “Put them weird-ass devices down. I don’t come from that era. Them sh*ts don’t control the soul. F*ck your phone.”

ApparentlySome festivalgoers were reluctant to put away their phones as the former Leaders You can also check out the New School member demanded, so Busta While he was performing, he told them to put their phones away.

“I will point every last one of y’all out until y’all asses is up,” He added that he was a member of the he has “zero tolerance for bullshit energy” Curing his first Essence Festival performance.

“Make me feel like we home,” The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” artist demanded.

In a fiery Instagram post, Busta His outburst of frustration over the crowd was not about “SHOWMANSHIP” He was not a liar. “CONCERNED WITH THE SH*T TALK AND THE FALSE NARRATIVES” The backlash that has been circulating on social media as a result of video clips showing him taking it out on his audience.

SeriouslyWho doesn’t feel hyped up during a live performance? Busta Rhymes show? Maybe When you’re watching live shows on a small-screen, it can be difficult to maintain energy.

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