Whether On his It Is What It Is Podcast with a friend and co-host Mase On wax Cam’ron It is not uncommon for this to cause a few ruffled feathers. Yesterday (July 4), the “What You Did” I showed the way.

In A video that was uploaded to his own personal Instagram Page to celebrate Independence Day, Cam’ron Decided to dress as the late O.J. Simpson.

“OJ was here,” He wrote. “Happy Independence Day! This ain’t really our holiday… But it feels good not to have to answer to nobody!”

To It may appear strange from the outside, but they have been together for a long time. Simpson’s passing. For He died just a few weeks earlier. Simpson He would be on his podcast and share his views on sports trends. So during a recording, Cam’ron Respect to the former footballer

“I used to go f*ck with O.J. off the show, when there wasn’t no show,” He said. “I’d go to the bar and meet him, we’d go to lunch. And people where we stay at loved O. They really, really loved O.J.. I just want to say it was great working with O.J., he’ll truly be missed. And I love him like a real, real uncle, man. So I’m really sorry this happened. But at the end of the day, I’m glad that we did get to spend the last few months with him, at least one day out the week for me, minimum.”

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