Chinese CATL is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer. French A statement released on Tuesday revealed that the shipping company CMA CGM would establish a joint-venture to explore the possibility of developing a solution to reduce greenhouse gases. Wednesday CATL The The two companies stated that they would work together to achieve carbon neutrality on several topics, including the design of electric commercial vehicles and boats as well as in logistics and warehouses. They did not provide any specifics. The Move is the latest attempt by the company to diversify beyond the battery manufacturing business for electric vehicles, and tap into the maritime transportation and aviation sectors. The The world’s largest battery manufacturer has been manufacturing semi-solid state cells to power civil aircraft as well as electric vehicles for several years. CATL chairman Robin ZengWho traveled with Chinese President Xi Jinping During his first official visit to Europe In five years, I attended a signing on Tuesday The following are some examples of how to use France. [CATL announcement, in Chinese]

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