China’s Special envoy Eurasian A week of shuttle diplomacy in the United States and Canada has concluded. Middle EastHelping others is a noble act. “cool down” Hostilities in the vicinity of Ukraine war The protection of critical infrastructure is a priority.

“The parties agreed to continue to maintain communication and coordination, while welcoming the support of the international community for efforts to cool down the situation and to play a constructive role in promoting a ceasefire, a halt to the fighting and the promotion of peace and negotiation,” The ministry issued a press release.

The The trip was part of a global summit for peace, initiated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky The announcement was made for June 15 and 16 in Luzern, Switzerland.
China The company said that it would be interested in participating. Its close ally RussiaThe invasion of. Ukraine You can also find out more about the following: February 2022, I was not invited.

During The meetings were held in May From 3 to 9, Li Six propositions were raised by China. and their counterparts “generally agreed” According to the statement of the Ministry, they are with them.

The The points were largely in line with a position document issued by Beijing Last year, there were calls for restraint, a return to direct dialogue, and improvements in humanitarian conditions.

The Other points voiced their opposition to the use and attacks on nuclear power stations as well the use and abuse of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

Li Further, the International Community is asked to further ask that “jointly safeguard the safety of critical infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, electric-energy facilities and undersea fibre-optic cables” – elaborating in greater detail than the position paper.

Among The officials Chinese envoy met were Turkey’s Deputy Foreign Minister Egypt’s Assistant Foreign Minister Saudi A minister of state, national security advisor and presidential diplomatic adviser are both from the UAE.

Li’s The trip could have also been intended to convey the perspective RussiaThe most common form of. Western-led international gatherings like the next month’s Peace Summit, said Li Lifan You can also check out the Shanghai Academy You can also find out more about the following: Social Sciences. Chinese Think tank

The The researcher has noted down the countries Li The emerging powers that were visited included all the Global South There are many people who have close relationships with the United States But they were not included in sanctions against Russia.

“The Middle East does not wish to see a Ukraine conflict spillover too,” He said.

“There is a chance to form a consensus among the Global South on this matter,” Researchers added that they believe the findings of this study are a good indication of what is happening in the world. Europe Was unlikely to change their view “China could send a message” By rallying the nations on Li’s itinerary.
The His second round shuttle mediation in relation to the Ukraine war in MarchWhen he visited Russia, Ukraine There are many ways to get in touch with us. European Countries should promote a peace process and a ceasefire. His The first such trip was made in May Last year.

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