The workplace romance Chinese drama, As Beautiful As well as You, featuring Xu Kai The following are some examples of how to get started: Tan Songyun The episode, which stars the two actors in the main roles, was released on July 8, 2024. As See the picture official trailer, Han Ting (Xu Kai) invests in Ji Xing’s (Tan Songyun) company after she resigns from her job on a whim to pursue entrepreneurship. PreviouslyIn episode 11, Han Ting Gets upset with Ji Xing As he misunderstands his intentions. HoweverThe new installment focuses on the meeting between the grandfather and the son.

In Episode 12, Han Ting The truth about reveals Ji Xing He won’t tolerate if someone spreads slander about her. He She’s advised to avoid shortcuts. Ji Xing After the breakdown of Han Ting leaves. After She decides to contact him when she returns home and sincerely considers his words. Mr. Lin, Beili’s owner. She She explains that she is only a teenager Han Ting’s Subordinates won’t have the ability to help. FurthermoreShe apologizes and declines his offer of a discount for the printer.

Meanwhile, Han Ting Meets up with his friend Xiao The truth about what happened to Ji Xing earlier. Xiao Asks him to be patient. He Adds that, even if she appears to be showing him false affection, she will ultimately have true feelings for her. But Reality is a little different. Han Ting He is angry that he wants Ji Xing Success is possible. He Doesn’t want false rumors flooding all of her efforts.

As Beautiful As You Episode 12 spoilers

In The time between is a measure of the distance. Ji Xing Hear from Mr. Lin. She I was surprised to learn this Han Ting’s Mr. Tang Call him to clarify the misunderstanding. FurthermoreShe feels relieved when he compliments her honesty and assures them that their collaboration won’t be impacted.

Further The episode is a good example. Ji Xing Decides to contact Han Ting She struggles to express her gratitude. Her Happiness doubles when Li Li She reveals her decision to join the company. She Finally manages to find the courage to apologize to Han Ting. But His short answer stresses her out.

Xu Kai’s The grandfather issues him an ultimatum

Han Ting Visits his grandfather Mr. Han The foundation is not to be damaged. Dongyang He was fighting with his cousin. He He is surprised to find out that he has guessed correctly what he likes Ji Xing It’s because of this that he invested so much money in her company. He He is advised not to be carried away by his feelings of love.

Han Ting He assures her that he is highly impressed with her. He You know that Ji Xing It is possible to succeed. But He receives an ultimatum from his grandfather. He He reveals that he is only able to give Ji Xing She has two years to show her worth. If She fails Han Ting You will be forced to marry someone else.

 What Then, what happens? As Beautiful As You What is the ending of episode 12?

Ji Xing Her colleagues are looking for extra income as they lack capital. Han Ting She is asked to come and brief him but instead she sends Zhou She has an engagement prior to this. Meanwhile, Li Li Meets up with Yichen, Ji Xing’s ex-boyfriend. He He gives his entire bonus to someone else Ji Xing. He He says that he loves her still and wants to do something for her.

However, Han Ting It is a pity that Ji Xing I didn’t come here to brief him. Zhou Lies about her illness to escape the situation. But Things get complicated when Han Ting The following are some examples of how to get started: Ji Xing After the meeting, the two bump into one another at the hospital. Director Li.

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