The Battery casings for iPhone 16 will be changed from aluminum-plastic films to stainless steel using materials supplied by Chinese Firms, as per The Wall Street Journal. The According to a WSJ article, the casing made of all steel will use laser welding technology in order to increase battery life by increasing charging cycles. Earlier As reported by the local media outlet IThome, sources revealed adjustments to battery capacities for iPhone 16 series models. The The standard iPhone 16’s battery capacity may increase from 3,349mAh to 3,561mAh, while the iPhone 16 Plus will remain at its previous generation’s 3,349mAh. Pro Max The capacity of the version will increase from 4,422mAh to 4,676mAh. HoweverThe Plus Models may be reduced from 4,383mAh to 4,006mAh. CurrentlyIt remains unclear whether the adjustment in battery capacity is linked to the change of battery casing. [IThome, in Chinese]

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