Amazon Studios released the first version of this video. Citadel trailer for the Russo Brothers’ upcoming global event series.

Exclusively on April 28, the spy thriller will be streaming online Prime Video. The video is two minutes long and stars Richard Madden, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, as Stanley Tucci.

Take a look at the Citadel trailer below:

“Eight years ago, Citadel fell. The independent global spy agency – tasked to uphold the safety and security of all people – was destroyed by operatives of Manticore, a powerful syndicate manipulating the world from the shadows,” reads the synopsis. “With Citadel’s fall, elite agents Mason Kane (Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Jonas) had their memories wiped as they narrowly escaped with their lives. They’ve remained hidden ever since, building new lives under new identities, unaware of their pasts. Mason’s former Citadel colleague Bernard Orlick, (Tucci), tracks him down and asks for his assistance to stop Manticore establishing a new order. Mason seeks out his former partner, Nadia, and the two spies embark on a mission that takes them around the world in an effort to stop Manticore, all while contending with a relationship built on secrets, lies, and a dangerous-yet-undying love.”

Citadel Executive produced by Anthony Joe Russo Through their AGBO banner with David Weil as showrunner. It is a global spy thriller that will be told through multiple shows taking place in the United States, Italy, India, and Mexico with each version told in the countries’ local language.

The global event series is written and executive produced by Midnight Radio’s Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Jeff Pinkner, and Scott Rosenberg. Weil and Mike Larocca are executive producers. Angela Russo–Otstot and Scott Nemes are also involved. Each Citadel The show is produced locally and filmed in the region. It stars top talent and forms a unique global franchise. Series are currently underway in Italy, India and both feature Matilda De Angelis, Varun Dawan, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

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