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All Six episodes of Clipped Now you can stream movies on HuluThe limited series offers viewers a deeper look into the scandals that rocked the sports world, and it also illustrates the wide-reaching impact of social media. It Former NBA player. Doc RiversSigns on as the new Coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. HoweverHe soon discovers that the team owner is not a lone wolf. Donald SterlingHas made racist and discriminatory comments toward his players.

Clipped It is based on Ramona Shelburne’s podcast, The Sterling AffairsThe film was released in August 2019. The Podcasting was the beginning of something much bigger. Shelburne You can’t believe what you are saying. Donald Sterling’s The real-life tragedy of the film provided many creative opportunities. She The potential of the the scandal’s key playersThey are each complex enough to be stories unto themselves.

Clipped Episode 5 True Story: What The Show Changes

The Penultimate Episode of Clipped Features reenactments both Shelly Sterling & V. Stiviano’s The most famous sit-down interviews Barbara Walters.

Ramona Shelburne Chats with Screen Rant About turning The Sterling Affairs podcast into a limited series What is the best way to explain how? Clipped The power of the web is demonstrated.

Shelburne Says That The Donald Sterling Scandal Is “More Than A Sports Story”

Laurence Fishburne as Doc Rivers at a press conference in Clipped.

Screen Rant: To To begin with, I’d love to know what inspired you to start creating. The Sterling Affairs podcast.

Ramona Shelburne: When It always felt like a larger-than-life story when I was covering it. It It was much more than just a sports story. It It was much more than just a scandal. There They were interesting, fun, and torturous characters. Each One of them would have made a great story. You Start by Shelly Sterling The following are some examples of how to use Donald SterlingThey’re fascinating, contradictory, awful and beautiful. Obviously, I’m I am a sportswriter, but also do many feature stories. I write a lot about narrative.

While Every person I would encounter was somehow connected to the story. We Just had these moments. You Couldn’t have made them up You I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as a bunch writers. Hollywood And come up better with these stuff than what happened. I started out as a basketball journalist, covering the games. Clippers.

Pretty As I reported this quickly, “This is about a lot more than that. It’s about race and class and power in the NBA and power in the world. It’s about this misogyny that he has towards his wife and mistress. It’s about all the complicated relationships.” Why Do they continue to be married after six years if he is so abusive? Why V. is in this position, to take them down. It Just about everything was available. When As soon as I start reading, I can’t stop. It was a story that I wanted to tell. At some point, I could’ve put it aside and just covered the headlines. But it felt like it was bigger than that. The Podcasting was, of course, the first step in creating what we have now.

Even What aspects of the story did you wish to fictionalize and expand on, even though it is based upon true events?

Ramona Shelburne: It’s interesting. I think the characters and story arc were the main reasons. I did a couple of magazines stories where I tried to capture a lot. I was a huge fan The People v. O.J. I watched every minute of this series. I watched every FX show and Color Force I thought it was a great idea to have a limited series. “Wouldn’t this be great? Who would play Donald Sterling? Who would play Shelly? These are larger than life people.”

Usually When you covered a story such as this 20 years ago, a journalist would have written an entire book. Jeffrey Toobin Write the book The People v. O.J. Based on. NowadaysWhen you come across a story that is bigger than life or bigger than news at the time, you make a podcast. It There were so many aspects to the story about how Los Angeles The way men work, the way power works Donald Sterling They rose to the top and controlled people, and their team.

It had all the ingredients to be a giant, big story. I do radio in Los Angeles. I’m It was easy to feel comfortable with that medium. I felt that the podcast would allow me to tell these stories in a unique way. You One magazine article can’t cover the depth, the absurdity, and all of the levels. There’s As you can see from the clips, there is a lot to it.

Doc Rivers Wasn’t Involved In The Sterling Affairs Podcast

Laurence Fishburne as Doc Rivers looking concerned in Clipped.

Doc Rivers Is on board as a consulting, how was your experience working with him? Did Can you talk to anyone who has experienced this?

Ramona Shelburne: That’s An interesting story Doc I wasn’t even involved in the podcast. He was not involved in the podcast. I’m I am an executive producer, consultant and a writer. So they ask me many questions about Doc’s role. They He understood the importance of his role in the story. There The details were numerous, such as, “What exactly did he say in those meetings? When did he know this? When did he know that?” It It was all this background information that I, quite frankly, didn’t even know.

I am going. “Look, I know a lot of the story. I’ve talked to Doc, and I’ve talked to a lot of the players. But if you’re going to center so much of the story on Doc, you probably want to call him and involve him yourself.” JournalisticallyIt felt like I needed to get out of my way. I’m Covering him as the coach of the SixersSo I cannot be involved in brokering that relationship. They would get as much information as I could from him and players, but that’s all the credit goes to Nina Jacobson You can also find out more about the following: Nellie Reed The following are some examples of how to use Color Force.

Theysaid, “We need more access to Doc than what was in the podcast.” The The person who worked for Doc You can learn more about it here Gina WelchI am the writer. She probably made many phone calls to him asking only the questions she needed as a writer. I would not have known those answers. She really appreciated his point of view. We It was obvious that they spoke with a lot people, but the level interest in the show is what I found most impressive. DocThey had to install it themselves. You’d I have to ask more about her experience with him. I kind of stayed away from that lane.

Donald Sterling’s Social media has made some remarks public. Speaking What did you do to be creative? Clipped What is the best way for a team to demonstrate the power of the Internet?

Ramona Shelburne: It’s Really interesting You You have to look back at 2014 to see how different the internet culture was. We We are just getting started Twitter You can also find out more about the following: Instagram. It It wasn’t a brand-new thing, but its power was still being released. The idea of something going viral was pretty new—especially this idea of an audio recording or tape that you made of somebody. This is what I came up with. The Sterling AffairsBut Donald Had had other mistresses. He Had other girlfriends or assistants. There I can think of one particular person. Alexandra Castro, who filed a lawsuit that was very similar to the one filed by Shelly V. Stiviano This is the beginning of the action.

V. could record audio on her mobile phone, but when Castro When they tried to tape him, there was VHS. You The cell phone was not available back then. You It was impossible to find the right medium. For The world’s changing is a huge theme in the show and this story. Why The V. Stiviano The mistress who brought him down? WellShe had a mobile phone. Nobody Anyone else have a mobile phone that can record such things? You There was also internet culture, where it wasn’t a one-day story. The Times. I believe Gina The scene is written so well. Andy Roeser First, she says to him: “V. sent a recording,” You can also find out more about the following: Donald It’s just a recording of a voice. He I thought this would be a short story in the paper. He At that time, I didn’t realize the power of internet.

AlsoTMZ is a relatively new entity within the world of celebrities. It’s An outlet would simply play a cassette like that. If ABC was notified of the leak. NewsWas it as big a story 10 years ago if you had told the story to CNN, or someone else? Would What if they had come out in the same way? I don’t know. I don’t know. Donald Sterling Had owned. He This line is used a lot on the show. “It’s my world.” It His world was his. He He was able to understand how things worked, but he couldn’t keep pace with the rapid changes.

The Clipped Creatives Wanted V. Stiviano To Be Played By The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Lesser-Known Actor

Cleopatra Coleman as V. looking straight ahead in Clipped.

You This cast is incredible. What What did they do to these characters surprise you?

Ramona Shelburne: All They are simply amazing. They’re It was all great. I wasn’t involved as much in the casting of the film as Gina I was unsure of how she felt, but she told me that she would let me know. They We searched long and hard to find someone to play V. They We really wanted someone to get a breakthrough role in this. V., a relative unknown, was cast in the role. She Just became V. Stiviano. They Wanted to find someone that also matched this. I felt like with CleoShe brought V. Stiviano I think that the podcast was not able to bring my story to life. V. has talked to me in the past couple of months, but did not record the podcast. She She wasn’t interested if she had to explain herself and double down.

We V. gave a few interviews at the time and did a podcast several years later, where she explained some things. But there wasn’t much else we could use to work with V., other than research. She I didn’t get to see her in the podcast. She was fleshed out in the podcast but not as well as Gina The show was a hit. Cleo Just brings another dimension to V. which I find incredible To me, Cleo It’s just this new breakout star. I hope that this will launch her career to the stars. She Just did an amazing job with a character that is both strange and fascinating.

What What do you want people to take away after hearing about the events on the Clippers team?

Ramona Shelburne: This It was one of the first scandals to change our world. [showed] How people who do not have power can bring down powerful people. That’s The opening speech V. makes in the show. There’s This idea that you, when you have a lot of money, can control people and the world. We’ve seen a reckoning with that over the last 15–20 years where there is a limit on how much you can control and treating people really poorly and behaving in that manner. There It is possible to take action now. That’s The speech that was delivered by the speaker Donald gives. It’s He says one thing: “This is just the way the world is.”

That’s This is not the way I want to see the world. We’ve seen powerful people fall who’ve said bad things or done bad things in the last 15–20 years. I think that people are only just beginning to understand. Having For most of my career I have covered the NBA in depth. The The players actually walked away. There It was a protest, where they did not play any games. I remember covering the Milwaukee Bucks—they were the first team to do that—and talking to some of the people with the Bucks They boycotted the team and their players after Jacob Blake Was assaulted

It What was it like? “What are we asking for with this protest? How are we trying to use our power to effect change?” We Goals must be specific. Now There are ways to make a change. However, many people have to decide how they will use this power. When You have some power back. Now you need to decide what you will do with it. It’s an interesting point in the journey of our country, especially professional sports.

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