Coi Leray The actress has released her follow-up video to the Mike WiLL Made-ItProduced hit song “Wanna Come Thru,” Upping the ante to a full EP.

On Thursday (May 9), Coi Taken social media The cover art for her new project, titled, was revealed. Lemon Cars.

Gracing The cover is the “Players” A rapper/singer wears a pair bottoms with ruffles, paired perfectly with a bra top coordinating and fur-trimmed boots while posing in front a yellow sportscar.

In The caption is: Coi The project will be available in just a few weeks. May 24th. “Lemon Cars EP prod. By @eardrummers @mikewillmadeit Dropping May The caption reads: “24th,”

Check Cover art for Lemon Cars below.

Coi Leray’s After the announcement of this exciting project, comes another exciting announcement the artist publicly reflected on her journey to stardomRecognizing the pressure to imitate some of today’s most popular pop stars such as Taylor Swift The following are some examples of how to get started: Ariana Grande.

“I’m not on Republic Records no more, I’m on Island [Records],” she began during a livestream, noting a recent change in management.

“When I Dropped Blue Moon, Republic — they wanted pop shit. They Want to know more? Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande It’s a good thing I can do that, but it is still nice to work at my own pace. I’m still, like, developing and learning and my own sound and shit …

“The Blue Moon shit they didn’t like. I wouldn’t say that they didn’t like, but it was something that they felt they didn’t want to put no money into. So when I gotta come out my pocket and put my own money into my own music, you gotta make real-life decisions.”

Discussing The 26-year-old singer and rapper has a wide range of skills, including singing, rapping, style variation, among others. She acknowledged that some people may not enjoy her. “every Coi in the pond.”

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