Coway A ceremony was held on July G Tower, Guro-gu, SeoulTo receive “UL Solutions Designated Certified Testing Laboratory” certificate. Seo Jang-won CEO of Coway (left) Jung Ryun. CEO of UL Solutions Korea (right), take a commemorative photograph at the ceremony.

Coway The company has earned the certification of a certified testing lab from UL for its expertise and knowledge in product verification, quality analysis, and other aspects. SolutionsThe U.S. Product Safety Certification Body is. This On, a ceremony was held to celebrate a major achievement. July 5 Coway’s Headquartered in G Tower, Guro-gu, SeoulAttended by Seo Jang-won CEO of Coway. Jung Ryun. CEO of UL Solutions Korea.

UL Solutions The organization is the leader in developing standards and certifications for electrical and electronics products in the United States. Accredited The cheapest way to buy a car is by using Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory The NRTL and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) National Accreditation Board (ANAB), UL Solutions Designates laboratories that can conduct the essential safety tests required for exports to the U.S. North America.

Coway UL Solutions The fields of “UL Safety Certification Laboratory” You can also find out more about the following: “Energy Star Certification Laboratory.” This Recognition of the Right to Recognize Coway The company conducts its own product testing through its Environmental Safety Certification Center Within the Quality Management Division. Additionally, Coway Now you can perform “Energy Star” The U.S. awards certification for energy products with high efficiency through evaluation tests. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“The recognition as a UL Solutions designated testing laboratory has enhanced our quality reliability and improved the efficiency of obtaining certifications for products exported to the U.S. and North America. We will continue to elevate our status as a one-stop safety certification testing laboratory based on systematic product verification capabilities and secure global competitiveness,” The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. Coway.

This recognition affirms Coway’s Test and analyze product performance at an international level. Also, ensure expertise and credibility from the outside. Coway’s Quality Management Division The company has been acknowledged for its capabilities in testing and analysis through a variety of reputable certifications both domestically and internationally, including the U.S. CEC Energy Testing Laboratory, European NEMKO Testing LaboratoryKOLAS Accredited Testing LaboratoryKC Manufacturer Testing Laboratory.

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