Crazyaimone He is an inspirational Hip-Hop talent, who was born in Slovakia but grew up in Denmark most of his adult life. The 20 year-old rapper, singer, songwriter has been developing his unique sound for the past few years. FettyFetty Records. Tragic events struck the young artist right at home. He was grieving the loss of his mother and felt his passion for music fade. A close friend reminded him about the spark that fuelled his creativity.

Crazyaimone After his return, he built a studio at home and started working with professionals. After giving his all, he realized music was the key to his future success. Studying the art form and absorbing valuable insight, he decided the time was right to start releasing new music.

HIJACK A JET” is the title of his latest single, produced by IDRISSHH. The bounce groove track permitted Crazyaimone To relax, have fun and show his creativity. Check it out on all major music streaming platforms. For music-related news or business inquiries, contact Crazyaimone You can follow the links below.




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