The Artist who has inspired a Hong Kong After she called for the cancellation of the event, the artist has now backed down on her criticisms. “very ugly” Pieces can be removed.

In A statement released on Monday Shared by “Inflatable Wonders” organiser Central Venue Management (CVM), Armenian You can also find out more about the artist by clicking here. Joann She said that she did not know anything about the installation, but she granted the permission to create it. “any aspect” The execution of the project.

“The organisers were inspired by my AI work and were not required to replicate my designs exactly,” She said “I am not involved in this exhibition beyond granting permission for the use of my concept.”

The Exhibition features five large-scale inflatable copies of famous landmarks inspired from works created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) JoannOn social media, she is known as @joooo.ann.

But The design was mocked on the internet over the weekend by some users, who compared the installations to “gravestones”, prompting Joann To issue a press release saying that she had not received anything from the organisers to approve and she wanted the “very ugly” pieces taken down.

In Monday’s statement, Joann Turning her AI designs into actual installations was difficult for the designer “significant challenges” Several variations on her original ideas were made. “to be expected”.

Some These giant inflatables are located near the harbor in Central. Photo: Eugene Lee

She She added that the images of her exhibition, which she had received through different media sources, were of “low quality”It was difficult to judge the exact appearance of the exhibit.

In CVM issued a statement. “regrets the disputes over the creation” Installation

The Installation is part of “SummerFest@Central”Includes inflatable replicas Italy’s Leaning Tower You can also find out more about the following: Pisa, France’s Arc de Triomphe Representations of Chile’s Easter Island Moai statues.

CVM stated that around 12,000 people visited the installations during the first three day of the event. July 5 August 11.

The Since 2016, the government has awarded a contract to organiser for the exclusive operation and management of the event venue by the Central harbourfront.

It Has hosted a number of large-scale, international events. Art Central Sponsored by 2023 and 2024 Mega Cultural The following are some examples of how to get started: Arts Events Fund. Clockenflap Music festival and the Formula E motorsport Championship

Joann Her collaborations with luxury labels such as Gucci, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Valentino BMW.

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