TARWUK is a Croatian artist duo comprising of members, Bruno Pogačnik Tremow and Ivana Vukšić. Born during the Yugoslav Wars Their work is on display at the New York Art Museum. They are both from the 1990s. White Cube London

You are entitled Posadila sam kost u zimskom vrtuCroatians loosely translate this as “” I put a bone in my winter garden, the exhibition is a poetic reflection on the unpredictability of nature and human’s innate struggle in bringing order. A selection of new sculptures and large-scale paintings create a carnivalesque scene within the gallery, considered by TARWUK as “architectural models of organic growth,” where life is merely a performative act played upon a grand cosmic stage.

Riddled with art historical references — from the language of late 19th-century Symbolism and the Red Peristyle of 1968, to the statues of Ancient Greece and the metaphorical Garden of Eden — the show elicits the transformation of material and form. Catch the exhibition at the gallery’s Mason’s Yard location until March 18.

More information about art is available here Daniel Arsham teams up with Hublot to build a sundial made of snow and ice at the Matterhorn.

White Cube
25-26 Masons Yard
St. James’s, London

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