If Anyone who would fight with only four hours notice is a lunatic UFC 303 Then turn around, and compete again a few short weeks later. Dan Ige But that’s not the case when he returns to action.

The The veteran featherweight who accepted to face a rival this past weekend made history. Diego Lopes Just hours before he was to step foot into the octagon. He The decision was not the best but Ige The fact that he was willing to accept the fight and then give it to him is a great example of his character. Lopes All he had to do was fight three rounds.

Unfortunately, Ige The fight left him with a few bruises, which prevented him from returning to the field. July When he originally clashed with Chepe Mariscal A UFC Fight Night UFC APEX card in Las Vegas. The UFC CEO shares good news Dana White He was willing to give Ige The following are some examples of how to get started: Lopes After both stepped in to save UFC 303, they could do pretty much anything.

“I mean shit at this very moment my f*cking leg hurts but you never know. July 20 rolls around, I wake up, roll out of bed, and feel like fighting that day,” Ige A laugh was heard when speaking with MMA Fighting. “ButI am realistically waiting to see what happens.

“I want to fight at the Sphere. I think my plan was to fight July 20 and call out an opponent for the Sphere. I just think it makes sense. What we did and getting Dana’s reassurance that we can have that, I’m going all in on that. We’ll see what happens. Is it Diego? Is it Yair [Rodriguez]? Is it Chepe? I don’t know. I think we’ll get a big fight. Whoever it is, is going to be a big fight at the Sphere.”

UFC 306It is the second most popular ever. Noche UFC Celebrate the event Mexican Independence DayIt takes place in the Sphere The following are some examples of how to use Las Vegas On, Sept. 14.

White The UFC has been teased about the huge investment that was made by the owner to make sure the UFC is the first sporting event in the massive $2.3billion arena.

That’s What is the reason? Ige He’s willing to fight any opponent that the UFC can throw at him.

Could This could include a match against Lopes With both fighters receiving a full-on training camp, how can they prepare for eachother?

“You never know what’s going to happen from here on out but we cemented our legacy right there,” Ige What you should know Lopes. “Do Do we need to fight again? I don’t really know. He Has a great deal of respect for both me and him. That It could be fun. You Give us time to plan and study, so we can both weigh 145. I’m not going to sit here and call him out like ‘I would have had you if I had two more minutes!’ Because It doesn’t really matter.

“I guess we’ve just got to sit and wait and see what happens. The UFC is clever and obviously they do their job very well and can get shit done in four hours. So they can make something happen and I’m just going to trust whatever they’re doing. We’ll see what happens from here on out.”

Over In the last few years, Ige He had an uncanny talent for calling specific opponents, and UFC obliged. That Was his plan when he was scheduled to fight on July He hoped that he could call his shot for UFC 306 again. September.

Now, Ige He feels that the goodwill he has earned in the UFC, and the praise he has received from the fans, puts him in a place where he does not need to name anyone to get a marquee rival.

“I don’t believe I have to call out anyone at this point,” Ige said. “Had I fought for whomever I fought for July If you want to win 20 and over, then I must make this callout. But What I did just before Saturday Night is now I’ve Get the hype I’ve Get the hype now That’s What people do You You want to steal other people’s hype.

“I’ve seen Diego’s rise. I’m like I love that fight. Because I want that. I want the stardom. I want the fame. We’ve both got it now. They match me with anyone, it’s going to be a big fight.”

While He’s currently dealing with a painful leg. Ige He’s confident that he will be back in his gym as soon as possible. Thanks to the short notice fight he had at UFC 303 he has a brand new contract.

“I had a one off agreement for this fight specifically and I got a new contract,” Ige said. “I’m If you want to earn more, then I’ve Ever been paid? I’m happy. I’m Happy with Where? I’m at. The UFC has always taken care of my needs.

“I’m taking this week just to recover my body and I’ll get right back on the horse because I have no serious injuries. My leg’s a little sore from this freaking guy kicking it but outside of that we’ll be good. I’ll be good to go when September rolls around.”

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